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Last night watched Kajaki. Don't know why I hadn't seen this before as it is about the green eyed boys of gungy 3. Enjoyed the realistic banter and drills (even a sly mention of mortar platoon!). And somebody had got a grip of the actors' attitudes, behaviours and appearance. Not the usual display of actors pretending to be squaddies. Crowdfunded - impressive. Donations to military charities - double impressive.


I watched the porn parody of "Pygmalion"/"My Fair Lady", entitled "The Opening of Misty Beethoven", courtesy of Pornhub.

It's actually quite close to the spirit of the original play/film, but with copious amounts of various Seventies-flavoured sex scenes. (Very much NSFW ones at that - for more details on those, read the film's Wikipedia page - it's rather enlightening.)

The film obviously had a metric crapload of money flung at it as the production values are extremely high for a porn film, with extensive use of location shooting - multi-national location shooting at that, gorgeous cinematography, costumes that don't look like they were dragged out of Goodwill's bargain bin, and a cast drawn from a much better looking set of women and men than say, for instance, "Debbie does Dallas", which has a lot of absolute growlers to be honest.

Overall, l would highly recommend this film - l certainly enjoyed it far more than, for example, "Hannah and her Sisters", for which I paid money to watch at the cinema, and which inexplicably won some Oscars, FFFS!!!
Just watched “ The Password is Courage “ which is loosely based on the book of the same name covering some of the exploits of BSM Coward in WW2 . The book covers them much more comprehensively but as an example the film does include his being awarded an Iron Cross in a German Field Hospital .

Made in 1962 featuring many of the well known actors of that time . In some ways a forerunner of The Great Escape it is a very watchable film made in the days long before CGI and contains some impressive train crash scenes and the inferno / damage at a POW Camp engineered by BSM Coward .

The real story of BSM Coward’s activities are truly impressive and I believe resulted in him being awarded a Medal by the Jewish Nation for his work in saving their people in Concentration Camps . I also believe the only other recipient of this Medal was Winston Churchill .

Some year ago I achieved some little success in decoding for @sirbhp some of the messages BSM Coward sent to the UK containing intelligence information .

Film Available for free ...

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... and we think we are having a tough time


A fascinating WW2 Propaganda film relating the experiences of a MN Ordinary Seaman . When I was a boy my father told me of the episode in which the crew sailed an Oil Tanker back to Scotland after the bow section was blown off by a torpedo . The later harrowing trip in the Atlantic in a Lifeboat is a tribute to the fortitude of that generation . Somewhere I actually have a Times Obituary of one of the young girls that survived the experience .

I wonder if he was called Jonah by his shipmates .
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Being bored and also being a fan of westerns, I watched a film called 'Gundown' on Amazon. Actually not bad. Surprisingly violent and moves along quite nicely.

Tried watching 'Doctor Sleep' last night, thought it was dire. Incoherent and rambling, strayed away from the book and Ewan McGregor needed a good slap. Gave up halfway through.


Watched Hyena Road, quite entertaining and The Operative - 99p on Amazon. Both watchable films.
"Our Kind of Traitor" on Netflix. Ewan Mcgregor plays a university professor on holiday with his wife (the cute one who plays Moneypenny in the Daniel Craig Bond films). They're in Morocco attempting to rebuild their relationship after he's been busted screwing a student, after a row he ends up at a Russian gangster's party. As you do. The gangster is a financial wizard and immediately trusts our hero to smuggle a USB stick with 'taster' account details to Damian Lewis' spook character. Cut a long story short, Mcgregor quickly becomes MI5's trusted go-between for Lewis who wants to weed out corrupt politicians, one of whom previously stitched him up. There then follows gunfights and stuff and almost everyone lives happily ever after.
Thought it was a bit shit, so only 5 mushroom heads out of 10.
Watched Spenser Confidential last night. Mark Wahlberg playing an ex cop/ex con trying to clear a dead cops name and break a corruption ring. Good action and plenty of humour, plus ‘a little bit durty/ tart with a heart/hot in a funny sort of way’ girlfriend.
Worth a watch.
The Gentlemen. Not the best Guy Ritchie film by any stretch of the imagination but a good story nonetheless and as a fan of his films I did enjoy watching it.


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Watched Spenser Confidential last night. Mark Wahlberg playing an ex cop/ex con trying to clear a dead cops name and break a corruption ring. Good action and plenty of humour, plus ‘a little bit durty/ tart with a heart/hot in a funny sort of way’ girlfriend.
Worth a watch.
This little honey - Iliza Shlesinger (didn't need to google her as I watched it the other night, very funny)
I half watched Pierrot Le Fou last night. No, no, and thrice no. I can take most foreign language films but this really is a stinker.

And it just goes to show that reviews mean absolutely nothing
The Operative - 99p on Amazon. Both watchable films.
Watched this on a pre-Christmas trip to Oz. Curious role for Martin Freeman as an agent handler. Film of the book 'The English Teacher' written by a former Mossad officer which shows in the tale.

In brief - Germany based Mossad team decide to send a female agent into Tehran to supply an Iranian technical company with bugged IT gear destined for their nuclear research programme. The team are uncertain of the lady's reliability or integrity but are persuaded by the Freeman character that she' worth a punt.

In conclusion and to summarise the film, Martin would have been best advised to heed the considerations of RUC SB -

"A handler needs to build trust with an agent, and agents provide valuable life saving intelligence, but they are not a handler's best friend. They hold back stuff, forgot things, omit detail or play down what they have done or plan to do. This is their survival mechanism. A handler never gets the full picture, but something is better than nothing. "
Contagion on ITV2 last night (clearly some one there with a sense of humour)
It all began when a bat eating a banana dropped some of the banana into a pig house. A wee pig ate the banana.The pig was taken to a restaurant.Chef prepping the pig got blood on his hands, then went to greet his diners and shook their hands.
This was filmed in 2011. The lead character mentions "social distancing and hand washing"

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