What film have you just watched?

Stan & Ollie

Set in 1953, Hollywood’s two biggest comedic stars of the 1930’s travel to Great Britain and Ireland to undertake a theatre tour and revitalise their movie careers.
A dwindling career that faces several tensions, not least their wives.

No spoilers from here on.

Can’t fault the costume and set design.
The make up and parody acting of John C Reilly and Steve Coogan were superb. They captured the quirks and mannerisms very well.

After an hour I began hoping the film would end. I’m glad I stayed though because whatever the challenges, the show must go on.
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I think the really nasty thing about Spacey as how he tried to use his sexuality as a mitigating factor.

It's like he was playing into the 1950's playbook about how poofs are all really kiddy fiddlers who assault underage targets

That was really low
The greatest trick he ever pulled, was to convince everybody that he was just acting.
Just finished watching a thing called 'The Debt Collector' on freeview. Billy Connolly and Ken Stott.

Jeez!............... It made Train Spotting look positively whimsical.

I'd never heard of it.
Spider-man : Into the Spider Verse ?

OK , before viewing we were having American fast food waiting for the movie to start.

Looking on you tube for the trailer and seeing it was a cartoon or animation. Though WTF but had told miss OB we would be seeing it.

I was in my teens a great Marvel and Spidey fan. On joining up I hade thousands of comics, some were the UK first edition in black and white.

My old dear , god rest her soul threw them all out. Bugger a few grand down the drain. Anyway.

First 10 minutes I was just thinking WTF , it’s crap, then it improved and got to be quite good , even very good. Admitted I was a fan and some of the references were quit subtitle but I got them.

Shame they writers have gone down the PC road. So Oct Doc, played very well by Alfred Molina in the 2004 movie has now become a woman? Ouch doc not Alfred and another baddy is now an African American, just waiting for the first trans to appear. Won’t spoil the main plot with other characters placement and ecnithisity for the global market.

All in all a good waste of time and enjoyable. As an Marvel fan of course.
You Were Never Really Here

Featuring the rather brilliant Joachim Phoenix, it's a rather grim and hard to love hitman thriller that I felt was every bit as good as anything that's hit the big screen last year.

Really well acted with a lot of things like mental illness and PTSD incorporated into it. Bit dark but worth a watch on Amazon Prime.
Stan and Ollie. Always been a massive fan of Laurel and Hardy. Some good acting especially by the two wifes.
Very well acted in my opinion. Very sad towards the end, got a bit dusty in parts.

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Green Book

Based on a true story about an eclectic black music artist who hires a white guy to drive him around the southern USA in the late 60's. A great story that is well worth watching.


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The ARRSE Studios need to start making movies before it's too late. I mean, all that talent going to waste.
So the re-make of 'The Eagle Has Landed' is green lit then ? :) You got the Finance package sorted?

Excellent, right who's got Liam's phone number (Key Character)
So the re-make of 'The Eagle Has Landed' is green lit then ? :) You got the Finance package sorted?

Excellent, right who's got Liam's phone number (Key Character)
Obviously ARRSE could do a better job but we might be too late. A few years back, the BBC was supposed to be working on a TV version of the film - for broadcast years later - written by Tony Saint (Das Boot on TV).


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Watched The Favorite last night and can see why Colman is tipped for glory.

Brilliant piece about the time, superb cinematography as well as some thought provoking issues.

As this is arrse, the nookie scenes were weak.

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Found this little gem on Youtube on saturday - Miniscule; Valley of the Lost Ants

From the makers of the TV series Minisule: The Secret Life of Insects. Beautifully animated with CGI characters put into real backgrounds and all done with a sharps sense of humour. There is no speech, all the different species of insects make their own noises but the animators do a great job of showing emotion with some silly noises, body language and a pair of googly eyes...

There are also a few nods to other films such as the chase across the mountains in Last of the Mohicans, and a couple of homages to Jacksons Lord of the Rings. Refreshingly it is not horribly twee like the typical Holywood or kids animation from Japan.

Well worth a watch if you like the less mainstream stuff and great for older kids who can follow the plot.

Full movie here:

Morning Departure. Known in 'murica as Operation disaster.

John Mills, Richard Attenborough, small role for a young George Cole, Michael Caine (uncredited) and Kenneth More.

Spoiler: not everyone gets out alive.

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