What film have you just watched?

No. The Guardian is still writing columns on it today; the PR company is in fifth gear and revving hard.
It's a film with a female protagonist and a suitably diverse cast of ethnicities and sexualities with John Malkovich playing the gun toting, alcoholic arrsehole.
What's not to like if you're truly "woke."

Sandra Bullock is getting a bit weird looking though, especially in the close ups.


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Nowhere near as good as the first Jurassic World but there were a couple of moments which were pretty good.

The standout bit of the film is when the boat leaves the island as the volcano erupts and a Brachiosaurus is left on the dock. The music score, coupled with the howls of the (admittedly not real) dinosaur as it awaits its death, was a "lump-in-the-throat" moment.


War Hero
Watched Old Man With A Gun last night. Based on a true story, Robert Redford plays a 70 year old bank robber who used charm with a gun to rob a string of banks. At one point holding up a bank with the detective investigating him in the queue of a different teller.
No action as such but a very pleasant and watchable film.
Sea of Sand this afternoon.

Attenborough & John Gregson
I have posted on here - well, in the reviews section - of a book called 'He' by John Connolly. It's essentially Stan Laurel musing and reminiscing in his apartment in California about his time with Mack Sennet and his abiding love for Oliver Hardy. It is probably one of the best books I have ever read, despite being written in a peculiar style, and therefore I am so looking forward to the new film which comes out soon about the last British tour of the two. This was commented on in the book. I have to say that having seen the trailers, the two actors Coogan and John. C. Riley look very good as our heroes.,
We've just had a look at Zenobia (1939). It's Hardy without Laurel.

The whole story of Laurel and Hardy, and studio bosses Sennett and Roach, all of it, can be absorbing to the point of fascination. The book re-imagines Laurel but if you know enough about it, the construct isn't all imagination and fiction.

Stan's apartment was the Oceana Hotel in Santa Monica; Suite 203. He saw out his life there. He was in the phonebook and answered all his fan mail as well as receiving or talking on the phone to celebrities. Dick van Dyke and Jerry Lewis among others owed Stan a lot, I think they would agree. But maybe Stan and Ollie's features and a couple of their shorts owed something to Harry Langdon, who didn't survive the transition to talkies.

Our heroes cemented their friendship on their tours; Stan visited his Dad in England in 1932, and they toured Europe twenty years later. But loyalties weren't everything, as Stan found out in 1939 during his contract dispute with Roach. 'Babe' made a film with Harry Langdon, titled Zenobia (1939). Hal Roach - having worked with MGM - used United Artists for that one. Fortunately for Stan, the established duo were more popular and profitable. Stan was proved right; "you can't have Hardy without Laurel". Any more detail would spoil your film .

Hal Roach was a shrewd and successful studio boss and comedy producer. He was smart enough to let Laurel have some editorial freedom, and said " as a gag man, Laurel was as good as Chaplin". But he knew that Stan "wasn't very good with plot". You may disagree, but I doubt that Laurel and Hardy were or could have been as successful without Hal Roach.

Roach kept on going right through the war through until the mid 1950s, when he sold his interests to his son, who wasn't half the man his Dad was.

Letters From Stan - 1930
Finally got an aerial cable for my room (live in a shared house) after 6 months of just using Netflix and Amazon (they are great but finding decent stuff among the hundreds of dross shows ain't easy).

Then I made the mistake of watching 'London Has Fallen'.

Easily one of the worst and most confusing films I have ever seen. Some of the CGI is equally gash. I also hated the vomit inducing "USA! WE ARE THE BEST AT EVERYTHING" vibe too.


Just trying to watch The Big Lebowski. For a supposedly great film, it seems like complete bollox so far.
I had exactly the same reaction as you the first time I tried to watch it, so I sacked it off about half way through. I gave it another go a few years later and I ended up really liking it.

Meanwhile on the topic of tonight's viewing, I have just finished watching "The Usual Suspects". Otherwise known as the movie where both the director and the guy who got the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor are or have been Suspected of the sexual abuse of minors. Sort of makes it a bit awkward to watch the film now, in addition to the problem of knowing who the bad guy is supposed to be as I've seen it quite a few times now.

Though if I ever end up in deep doo-doo with the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement people (or US Customs as it was at the time of the movie) across the Pond, I want the agent in charge of the investigation into my case to be as thick as the character "Dave Kujan" is in the film...
I'm sure that it was some kind of clever writing that passed me by but John Goodmans character was pretty shite and Steve Buscemi was not allowed to do anything and he is a great actor. It just seemed like some of the core film was left on the cutting room floor.

The ashes scene was brilliant though.
On a completely different note , this is both very funny and quite bizarre :

Thanks - I like the look of that - I'll keep an eye open for it...




I have nothing against Steve Coogan apart from that awful Saxondale character he did.
Fair enough. The only thing I liked Coogan in was Top Gear where he and Jezza compared an Aston Martin with a very whizzy Ferrari. His other stuff leaves me colder than year old primary school custard.


Fair enough. The only thing I liked Coogan in was Top Gear where he and Jezza compared an Aston Martin with a very whizzy Ferrari. His other stuff leaves me colder than year old primary school custard.
Each to their own I guess, Allan Partridge had it's moments and Paul Calf was really funny.
Having seen some clips from Laurel and Hardy I think he makes quite a good job of playing Stan Laurel.

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