What film have you just watched?

I have seen 9th Company, but not the other one, will have to have a look. Watching the russkie movies reminds you of those old 40s propaganda war films with david niven with modern blood and gore chucked in.

Anything is better than watching some of the feminist pap served up by Hollywood these days. I am not averse to female lead characters, but expect them to be at least well written characters
And just remaking not-that-old, relatively speaking, movies with female leads such as Ghostbusters.



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Saw Gringo on the plane. Quite light, quite fun, good to kill some time in the air.

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Saw Gringo on the plane. Quite light, quite fun, good to kill some time in the air.

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Come and See I found in a charity shop but I think you stream it on Amazon
Aye found it, will have a butchers at the weekend.

On Hollywood, its gone completely PC and its getting ridiculous how far they stretch credulity to twist any scenario or story to allow PC to apply. I know this is not a popular view so expect downvotes, but I really dislike superhero movies, there essentially fascism with a PC face.
Had a bit of Hurricane porn with Angels One-Five last night.

Hello, Sapper; Septic calling.

Then watched The Snowman with Michael Fassbender. Meh.


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I know many ARRSErs are familiar with German and like to watch German filums now and again. In the long-running "Tatort" series there's quite a bit of run-of-the-mill stuff that's entertaining, but also pretty predictable. Nick Tschiller with his "Bruce Willis" impressions fits well into that category, even if there's a lot of entertainment value. Then along comes a "Tatort" episode every now and again that's truly unique. "Rebecca" is just that.

The dialogue, lighting and camerawork are masterful, but what makes the episode truly stand out is the acting. Not only of the "usual suspects" (that is Eva Mattes and the crew from Bodensee) but the absolutely astonishing and totally mesmerising performance by Gro Swantje Kohlhof, who plays the 17-year-old Rebecca. She really brings home her desperate plight in a way that brings tears to your eyes and leaves a lasting impression, even when the filum ends. Enjoy!

Rebecca | Tatort

Something different. The biography, Shadowman (2017), "a portrait" of Canadian Richard Hambleton the "edgy" New York 'Shadowman' alternative artist of the 1980's, who croaked last year. Only about 80 minutes long, the film was weird and interesting enough to keep the interest. It seems he could pull women. Called a precursor to Banksy and “godfather of the street art movement”, Hambleton's black paint freaky kitsch scared silly people on the streets. "Visceral, lurking, with a disturbing psychological effect": the media, Life magazine etc, cultivated the myth. It worked well in the 1980s. Review.

In 1984 Hambleton painted 17 life-size figures on the East side of the Berlin Wall, returning a year later to paint more figures on the West side of the wall. In 2010 Hambleton's work sold for £920,000 at the Cannes Film Festival.

Besides his Shadowman motif he also secretly painted blood-splattered chalk-body outlines in 15 cities. His studio works are now in a dozen galleries including the Checkpoint Charlie Museum in Berlin (if anyone remembers that). Write-up on Artnet, Richard Hambleton | artnet

More at The Independent. All you'd need to be the new mysterious super rich arty sex god and live in a shithole with your girlfriend and a prostitute-- is the Roy Orbison look, cans of black paint and brushes. Oh and loads of drugs for the night shifts. Doddle, and you'll be rich when you're dead.

Rocky IV. Quite good but it is undoubtedly the silliest installment of the franchise. Unfortunately, Stallone noticed that and the resultant backpedaling caused Rocky V...
The Last Witness (new). Uninspired direction and static cameras for this Brit/Polish historical fiction film but otherwise decent in production and acting. It plays like a TV drama with grating music; Michael Gambon is the geriatric news editor, and Alex Pettyfer (who?) is the hack on the trail of the Katyn massacre (CIA: "controversy"). "For nearly five decades, the Soviet Union concealed the truth. And Katyn was erased from Poland's official history". Then came Mikhail Gorbachev and glasnost. Review: ‘The Last Witness’ is a Predictable Post-WWII Drama. Not great but it does honour the Polish dead.

Killing Gunther. Schwarzenegger sending himself up quite well but a bit limp otherwise.

Three to avoid:

Tomb Invader. Kak.
Interstellar Wars. Utter kak.
Future World. Big names; big heap of kak.
Three over the weekend. First, The 15:17 to Paris (new). Clint Eastwood's film about the events of August 21, 2015 and the terrorist attack on Thalys train #9364 from Amsterdam to Paris. Being kind, this is not flag-waving or Oscar winning stuff, just the events and the three guys playing themselves.

Journey's End. Enjoyed this new film as much as the book and the play about British officers and men, expecting a German attack on their trench during the First World War. Written from a WWI soldier's experiences, stage productions captured the claustrophobic potboiler trench life.

Bobby Robson - More Than A Manager. Another documentary on Sir Bobby, which seems to be obsessed with Barcelona, but here we have the likes of Mourinho, Ferguson, Ronaldo, Guardiola, Shearer, Jimmy Hill, Gazza and Lineker. Even The Guardian liked the documentary, and why wouldn't they.

For the old and bold and youngsters who know about Sir Bobby: the makers do go back to his Ipswich days and there's a lot of archive footage. It's Bobby Robson, worth watching and a bit of anyone's time.
Bobby Robson: More Than A Manager review: tough, fair, and inspirational – just like the man himself ;
Bobby Robson: More Than a Manager review – portrait of an England icon
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Its like one of those 50,s B movie sci films, I dont think its supposed to be intentionally bad but it it is. Special effects are so limp, acting wooden and a plot with more holes than a colander. Normally I switch shite off but just had to watch till the end. The wife declared it to be the worst film she has ever seen, harsh I thought.

Its guaranteed to be a classic amongst certain types but for the majority give it a wide berth.

5th Passenger (2018) - IMDb


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Incredibles 2. Just got home. Good fun, laugh-out-loud cartoon escapism. Matches the first one. Shame it took 15 years or so to arrive.
Saw it on Saturday. Film of the year so far in my opinion. Funny on many levels, incisively cutting at a couple of issues of modern society. And Jack-Jack with a racoon...
Saw a few fillums this weekend.

Hampstead – A pretty nice easy going way to spend 90 mins or so with a glass of wine or two. Bloke lives in the grounds of a derelict hospital on Hampstead Heath in a hotch potch place he built himself 17 years prior out of recycled gear etc. Isolated & away from the main drags he’s thought to be a tramp by the local hoi polio in their des res gaffs on the edge of the park. In actual fact while he’s living in what looks like a shed he’s living a rewarding life off grid, creating his own power & growing his own food. Nicely played by the excellent Brendan Gleeson

Widowed American woman lives in a top floor flat across the road from the heath opposite the old hospital. She has access to the building attic used as storage & one day using her dead hubbies bino’s scopes out the bloke having a wash in a pond. Then spots his abode through the trees.

Long story short, they end up friends & then more whilst in the meantime, one of her downstairs neighbous has a husband who is developer & wants to convert the hospital to apartments. Legal fight begins….etc etc.

Paddington 2. Great fun & worth a watch whatever age you are. A few plot holes even ignoring the talking bear side of things but hey ho…………

Triple 9
Recorded this a few weeks from Film 4. Cracking thriller about bent coppers with Kate Winslet playing a nasty Russian mafia queenpin. I thought it was bloody good.
Wunderland. Only to find it's this rebadged.

On second viewing I spotted a lot more guff than the first time around (Tom Berenger's usual standard of acting notwithstanding). Tempted to suggest it's a load of dog toffee now.

The the end-credit accounts of the actions that won the twenty MoH's handed out during the BotB are still a nice touch, though.

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