What film have you just watched?

The Spy who came in from the cold. 1965 and Richard Burton is at his acting peak. The USS and UK are making troubles for one another out of the public eye. The cars and clothes are wonderful and there is hardly any traffic in that there London, where the skyline hasn't been destroyed by overweening overpaid architects.
A double bill tonight:

Ice Cold in Alex

The Cruel Sea

I have never seen Ice Cold in Alex before but most certainly read a lot about it here. The Cruel Sea I haven't seen in decades. Incidentally, both have been re-released on DVD on a classics remastered series. Needless to say I enjoyed both film immensely, especially The Cruel Sea after realising that so much of it was actually shot at sea which gave that added touch of realism to what is an excellent story.
Currently watching Black Mass, with Johnny Depp playing the role of Boston Irish gangster scumbag/Fed rat bastard James "Whitey" Bulger. It's quite good but it's a bit too much of a Goodfellas clone. And not as good as the Scorcese-directed (like Goodfellas) version, "The Departed", which is based on the case but heavily fictionalized and also crams in a remake of a superior Korean film, "Infernal Affairs".
The Death of Stalin. Absolutely hilarious, it manages to be subtle yet in your face all at the same time. Very witty if you know your history too.
I thought it was very good too, horrifying as well as hilarious. Definitely the best movie I've seen so far this year.

The other night I watched Killing Hasselhoff which while predictably silly does have some rather funny moments .
'American History X', two hours. Edward Norton and Edward Furlong are neo-nazi brothers.
Opinion, in a facile over-rated crime drama about tribal racism. Trailer.
Well made and well acted it gets by on its soapbox and a final message to hardcore bigots. The strong violence and hate go both ways, real life. It's been called unconvincing, moralising and underdeveloped but it's not quite that bad. Worth watching just for the two leads and Guy Torry's laundry character. Spike Lee's' Do The Right Thing; or the 1995 film 'La Haine' seemed to work better.
Lawless (again). Hardy, LeBouf & the bloke out of the second plant of the apes film.
Hillbilly moon shine brothers in the 30s'. Dust up with some new law enforcement types led by Guy Pearce playing an absolute shitebag. Based on a historical novel by the 3 brothers great nephew or something. Anyway, there is a loose bit of truth to the background but the film is excellent. I've seen it a few times & its one of my favs of the genre. Great performances even from the stroppy kid Lebouf. Hardy is fackin immense in it. Superb brooding bad boy anti hero type.
Mr Oldman pops up as a chicago tommy gun tootin gangster too so even more fun.
remake of 'Sahara', bit like 'Ice Cold In Alex', but a tank in the desert after water.
Not bad, don't let the fact that it's Jim Belushi put you off. pretty faithful remake, not Hollywoodi(z)ed
Shutter Island

Leo DiCaprio leads in a Martin Scorsese film. Been mentioned here before but for me it was too long and telegraphed its ending well in advance. In addition the plot holes were big enough for a coach and four to be driven through. Both actor and director have done better.

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