What film have you just watched?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by k13eod, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. Bit like the 'What book are you reading now?' thread ... but films!

    Ok, plenty of threads about best/worst films etc etc but this is one to simply put down what you've just watched and whether you'd recommend it or not ... which is great for those of you like me who visit the cinema rarely (on account of being an old tw@t and often napping mid film!) and prefer their movies delivered by DVD.

    So, this old rentalist has just watched a Will Smiff double bill; second time round for 'I Am legend' which I put off for some time as I was told it was a septic version of '28 Days Later' ... but actually makes the British film look like a bad remake cross between 'Dawn Of The Dead' and an Ealing Comedy.

    And the second Smiffy was 'Seven Pounds' which I thought was quite excellent ... very thought provoking.

    So give us some titles for our 'lovefilm.com' wish lists!
  2. Angels & Demons
  3. Just saw Terminator Salvation at the cinema.

    Typical Hollywood kind of action flick. Don't expect anything too intriguing and it's fine - lots of bangs etc. Passable.
  4. Just watched 'The Hurt Locker'. Good movie about septic EOD which builds tension as it goes....
  5. I watched Tropic Thunder yesterday. It wasn't as good as I'd hoped. It was watchable, but not laugh a minute funny.
  6. "Crossing Over" with Harrison Ford. Excellent. Not your usual septic shoot em up movie either.

    Just about to watch "Tunnel Rats", sitrep to follow.
  7. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    The Jazz Singer, with Al Jolson. It's amazing! They can now put sound into movies.
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  8. Went to see transformers 2 with the kids on sunday - absolutely sh1te and it lasted 2 and a half hours. The only saving grace was Megan Fox and some other ultra-babe who transforms into a rapist, but seriously, a very shit movie, even worse than the first one, if you can believe that.

    Watched kill Bill 1 and 2 last week again - brilliant!
  9. Just watched Willow for the first time since childhood and its just as good as i remember. Way better than Labryinth and it has Joanna Whalley who is definatly worth one even if she is extremly gwar
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  10. watched "Green Street Hooligans 2" last night. didn't realise it was the sequel to "green street" (the shite one with the hobbit in it). set in prison, lots of violence.

    not as complete shite as i was expecting, but not a patch on many other football hooligan films (e.g. ID, football factory).
  11. Ah, ID. That brings back many wrong memories from a troubled A1, remember that CR? Shadwell Army.

    Anyway, back on thread. Last night I watched Ordinary Decent Criminal with Kevin Spacey. Bizarre but quite good.
  12. I have that pre booked on lovefilm ... any good?

    Thought it was an ok film, not brilliant but certainly wacky enough to make me grin!

    Also watched 'Ghost Town' the other week and that was quite amusing ... again, not laugh a minute but good enough to enjoy.
  13. Gran Torino...absolute class. Good twist at the end, when Clint...no, that might spoil it for others who have yet to view.
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  14. Bought this yesterday, top film, Clint at his best.
  15. Watched "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" last night on Sky 1... reminded me how good viewing the old Spaghetti Westerns were... favourite clip where Blondie (Clint E) has the hang man's rope in his rifle sights about to cut down 'Shorty Larson' when the greasy Gringo Tuco interrupts the proceedings by sticking a Colt .45 in Blondie's ear ... Blondie: "And Shorty?" - Tuco shakes his greasy head - Shorty is hung and Blondie replies: "Sorry, Shorty!" :D Class!
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