What facility or institute would you want to give your name to?


Many buildings, educational establishments, and many others things are named after people - usually people who have made contributions to those fields. As a University student I worked and studied in buildings named after figures such as John Smeaton or Charles Babbage. From time to time I find myself amongst naval culture - where the majority of buildings and so on are named after great figures from naval history. Elsewhere, I have suggested a building that houses the Battle Staff or the UKCSG staff should be named after Admiral Sir John 'Sandy' Woodward, the Falklands task group commander, and that a facility relating to carrier (and other) deck landings should be named after Captain Eric 'Winkle' Brown - a giant of naval aviation.

In the United States, schools and libraries are often named after people.

Can you think of a facility that you think you would like to be associated with? This could be somewhere you see as your ideal place of work. Alternatively is there some sort of thing you think people might think of naming after you? Or something you think should be named after someone. Perhaps the Jeffrey Archer Centre of Truth? Or The Gerald Ratner School of Business Communications?
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A mandatory euthanasia clinic - as long as I can select the customers.


A high-end brothel. Something classy like "Ritch's Whores" would suffice...


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Fang_farrier's house of pain relief

With the word relief in very, very small print.

Should keep the queues down and make for a quieter day.


My local Accident and Emergency Unit. Or my local fracture clinic. Either would be good.
Some sort of national detention facility. No horrific punishments or physical abuse, just somewhere to send ********* who can't shut the **** up when told repeatedly. Ideally tents within barbed wire on somewhere like Dartmoor.

The "Behaviour And Standards Training And Re-education Depot (Schools)" doesn't involve my name but would make for an amusing acronym on news reports.
How about the Soylent Green home for retired MP's. I thought that might lead to confusion between honourable members and ex military policemen but on reflection it doesn't actually matter.


1. The Yokel Centre For Systems Integration

Well, I do have an engineering background. Why not a facility specialising in integrating new technologies, working in aerospace, defence, high tech industries...

2. The Yokel Centre For Integrity and Learning From Failure/Experience

Well, I did start threads on these subjects.

More realistically:

3. Yokel's Tea Boat

Cup of tea, Sir?
I'd like to see a porn studio like kink.com renamed something along the lines of "The Gun_Brickie Memorial Studio of Filth, Depravity, and Good Times", with all profits diverted to finding new, aspiring starlets in the grunt film industry.
I'd have a Sperm Donation Clinic named after me, something like 'Krazy_Ivan's **** Shop'. I do occasionally wonder whether my old Troop SSgt ever realised that 'his' son wasn't actually his son............


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Fang_farrier's house of pain relief

With the word relief in very, very small print.

Should keep the queues down and make for a quieter day.

I think it's already been done ...



Since no institute, building or public convenience can now be named after any white male, I'll just keep my obscene wealth and put it towards my new mega yacht, purchase of an island and doomsday bunker thereon.

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