What extra items should i take to Afghanistan. First tour!!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Tseng, Feb 8, 2008.

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  1. I was just wondering what kit i should take with me to Afghan. I am in 9 Sqn of 23 Engineer regiment air assault been there for about 3 months now. I am an Electrical and Mechanical draughtsman by trade and i dont htink ill be doing much of that out there at all.

    Also what sunglasses do i get. I got issued with the plce load carrying assualt vest, where you have to attatch all the pouches yourself, a pair of mendiels and magnums, a camelback and various other bits of good kit. Some ess goggles or something, not sure what they are.

    I thought of an electric shaver, a portable dvd player stuff along those lines, i really do not know what to expect, i keep thinking they'll be no electricity or a thing where you only allowed to use a certain amount of electric. Not too sure what accomodation is like.

    I'm going into the unknown.

    Please Help Me !!!
  2. mate, if you use the search function, there are at least 100 threads from other people asking the same thing...but for starters

    baby wipes
    laptop/dvd player
    plenty washing/shaving kit as EFI is expensive

    edited to add..if you are reme chances are you will be in Bastion (like me) and will have all the comforts of home
  3. Just tried to search and can't find anything. lol
    LMAO REME lol wat an insult im a Royal Engineer Para lol.
  4. If the queen didn't give you it. You obviously don't need it!

  5. Take hanging shelves, better than living out of a box/bag.
  6. I've been out of the loop for a long time, so some folk may think I'm talking out of turn, but, in all the reports I've read or seen, there's no mention of 'wetting down' water carriers, such as camelbacks or reserve jerricans.

    The idea being that an absorbant sleeve, such as canvas or hessian stitched or velcro-ed over the container and kept wet/damp, will cool the water inside by evaporation.

    If you're in a static location ma\ke a bucket out of smoke-discharger covers or similar, wet it and roll it in the dirt, fill with water and put any tins of drink inside:- ice cold drinks!

    The only caveat being that you need to expend some water to reap the benefit but the effect of having really cool water when you're utterly baking cannot be underestimated

    It works; I know because I used it in Libya, many years ago, and the water kept icy cold.

    You might care to give it a try.
  7. Are you taliking about hanging a wet sock on a washing line with a bottle of water in it????
  8. Your taking the p1ss aren't yer?! Your 9 Sqn and you don't know what to take on an Op Tour. Not the old 9 Sqn i know.
  9. Everybody has a First Tour!
  10. Obviously taking the mick big time! A Trained soldier and you don't know what to take on ops??? U is avin a larf!

    Remember the army clothes and the gun is a must in Afghan!
  11. Aye, same difference! :wink:
  12. Damn right. I took some real shoite with me to Boz
  13. I took Civvies with me on Telic 1!!! :roll:
  14. Thats because no-one had any dessies :wink: