What every pupil should know about Britain:

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Jan 27, 2005.

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  1. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2005/01/27/nhist27.xml&sSheet=/news/2005/01/27/ixnewstop.html

  2. It's not only children that need educating! I am constantly amazed at the ignorance about history shown by what i would consider to be fairly well educated adults/middled aged!!!
  3. First a sensible immigration policy and now a sensible education policy. Is it just me or have the tories started to realise that their core supporters don't want a fluffy New Labour clone but actually want a conservative, Conservative Party?

    I do hope so.
  4. Does anyone else find it mildly ironic that he's delivering this peon to the value of English history and freedoms to the Catholic Heads conference? :twisted:
  5. Well we were a Catholic country for quite a while!
  6. I do find it quite reasuring that at least one party (and i do wish more of them did) are offering good old fashioned (sensible) values, rather than the watered down liberal crap being pushed out by the liberals and labour. Hell, i even have more respect for the socialists than labour and the liberals, because at least they have strong policies (most of which i dont agree with) which they stick to rather than chnage to suit the direction of the prevailing wind :twisted:
  7. Oh yes Hurrah for the Conservatives.

    The same party that brought you cash for questions, sleeze and "Front Line First"

    I have the usual problems with trusting politicians, and I have a real problem trusting Conservative ones , especially the ones at the fore of the party.

    Heer Hecht can bang on about immigration all he wants, not a damn thing will happen.

    'Sensible policies' LMFAO . How many times has Hecht jumped in Bluppet's sh*t about immigration in the last year? How many times have the CONservatives asked questions in the house about declining education standards in the last 12 months?

    It's election year mes enfants, and these b*stards will tell you anything they think you want to hear , to ensure they get to the trough.

    Someone needs to form a pressure group after the elections, called 'Manifesto accountability' or some such.

    This pressure/lobby group, will ensure that manifesto promises made before elections, are carried out, and will mark and publicise performance thereof.

    Oh why bother? As long as Eastenders is on eh?

  8. I have to agree there, i have just been speaking to a friend who had no idea what day it is today or even what its all about. He is 30+ 8O 8O
  9. you seem quite impartial, you would be a good one to hold them to their promises.

    As for, all of them being as bad as each other, your probabbly right. However I (and others) are so sick with the labour government that we would prefer to give someonelse a chance to make the mistakes, and I find it extremely hard to believe that they could as bad a job as el capitan Blairs is doing just now! (prove me wrong PTP! :twisted: )
  10. Stop me if I am wrong, but did't the Conservatives lose the '97 election because everyone was sick of their sleaze? If that is the case, where is the change?

    Well, okay, they had become sleazy and lost a lot of the party discipline that got them to power. However, that aside, they were doing a lot of what they said they would. The economy was growing, unemployment and inflation were falling and the outlook was good. Taxes were pretty stable.

    I think you have to both a. clinically insane and b. politically totally blinkered if you were to argue that labour have achieved anything like what the Conservatives did.

    The only good economic decision they have made was to give the Bank of England independence from Parliament. Since then they have taxed just about anything that wasn't (pensions, holiday insurance and flights to name but 3) and have raised practically all taxes except income tax.

    On top of this tax burden, they have fettered the economy and business world with previously unheard of amounts of bureaucracy and red tape of various kinds. How this makes business more efficient is difficult to see - unless you are a labour MP, in which case it seems blindingly obvious.

    To add to this litany of woe, they have to meet (to my recollection) any of the manifesto commitments they made in '01's election, much less '97s'

    'Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime'. Remember that? So explain how violent crime, even by the Home Offices much spun statistics, have risen by 6% in the last recorded quarter and over 30% since Labour came to office.

    When they came to power, Frank Fields, a pretty radical Labour MP, described the UK pension system as being in 'ruide health'. I bet he would not say that now. And that is down to Uncle Gordons annual tax raid on pension funds. (Now that was a REALLY clever decision then!) And to top that, those who scrimped for a pension might now be worse off than the feckless who didn't save a penny. Another smart economic decision there then!

    'Education, education, education'. Another 97 gem. Well, explain how universities now feel it necessary to run literacy courses for students who can barely write or spell English.

    Or what about the 'everyone will have access to an NHS dentist by 2001?' (Fm TB himself). Dunno about you, but my family have one hell of a job getting to an NHS dentist. And no change in sight.

    I could go on, (EU, immigration, data protection, new artificial insemination laws....the list goes on).

    The point is that this, while this government have failed to meet almost any of their election promises, they have also made it their business to interfere with and regulate our lives to an extent that would have been considered communist only 15 years ago.

    The question is, will the electorate see that? Are they tired of being taxed to death to pay for Johnny foreigners to come over and get everything for free or politicians with their snouts in the trough whilst they simultaneously cut public sector pensions and bonuses? (Probably because they have employed more than they can afford to pay on current scales!)

    As for accountability, I seem to recall Michael Howard stating categorically he wanted to be accountable and wanted to rigorously enforce standards on his MPs. Sounds okay to me.

    Hopefully, these common sense policies will appeal to the man in the street. Personally I think anyone who votes Labour should placed into a mental health institute. That isn't so bad, by the way. They would be out in a day or two, given the propensity of health authorities overwhelmed by officialdom and short on cash to get rid of patients ASAP! 8O

    Vote Tory - they can't f&*k up any worse than the current shower of sh1t! Hell, they might even begin to turn the country around! (And that would be a turn up for the books!)
  11. Thanks el-grigo...

    What else is there left to say? You put it so elequantly :D
  12. El G:
    How about EIGHT YEARS without a major recession for starters?
    How about the lowest unemployment figures for Decades?
    I wouldn't trust Howard to scrape shlt out of a cowshed - remember how he threw the Governor of Parkhurst Prison to the wolves to cover for his own failures?
  13. 8 years where borrowing has soared, and a recession has been avoided by employing 1/2 million more in the public sector - the money's going to run out on this one (to paraphrase Churchill, it's like standing in a bucket & trying to pull yourself up by the handle)

    Lowest "unemployment", highest number of people of working age not working ever (it's getting increasingly easy to get "on the sick" - the Dutch do the same thing - there's probably almost 20% of working age people here who don't work, but since they're on the sick, they don't count for the official figure of unemployment, which then appears to be quite low by European standards).

    If Bliar doesn't get kicked out, he's going to be unstoppable - he will consider it to be a mandate to do whatever the hell he likes. And don't think that he'll give up after a 3rd term & hand over to Grasping Gordon either...

    Remember that this is the government which has used the parliament act to persue its social agenda; has introduced emergency powers legislation with no checks & balances, the most wide definition of an emergency possible, and the power to revoke constitutional documents on a whim; is about to enact legislation permitting the home secretary to detain whole families under "terrorism" legislation without trial or tangible evidence; has let illegal immigration soar; has steepened the slope into being EU Local Region 12... need i go on?
  14. Statistics are wonderful, the more you torture them the more they say what you want and this government tortures them a great deal :evil: need I mention waiting times in A&E units and as for employment figures :lol:

    Well said that man, recession has been held off thanks to vast borrowing on a scale that is frightening. it will falter and fail soon enough and then we will have a re-run of the 70s.

    Lets wake up and smell the coffee here, Labour are a pile of shiit, Tories well saying good things at the moment, Lib-Dems, well nothing there, PTP give the gwa a kick up the arrse into saying something useful please :twisted: