What ever happened to?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by emptyeye, Mar 8, 2006.

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  1. Guys
    Just a curious thread of what ever happened to????
    For example:
    If we had gizzilions of SMG's, who got them?
    For those that remember, what happened to the zillions of miles of Puttees, who wears them if anyone?
    If anyone can come up with a pic, it would be nice, or some good info?
  2. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    The SMG's were sold off to George Lucas to make Star Wars.
  3. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Unless I am very much mistaken, I still have my puttees tucked away at the back of my shreddies drawer, held together with the probably by now rotten pair of elastic bands from unopened noddy kit that were used to tuck away the ends of me lightweights.

    A couple of years ago I find meself sat on a bus to the FAC SF at Old Trafford next to a TA (ex-Reg) REEM. She told me that people actually go out and buy twisty things from the PRI or the NAAFI these days rather than recycle laccy bands. Is this true?
  4. No need any more - you can get them issued from the Clothing Store - honestly!! (although they are cr@p - just like short bungees!)
  5. what about the '58 pattern "cape carrier"

    a particularly useless piece of kit, although you could just about get your NBC kit into it
  6. Puttees still in loft in old army suitcase - including the pair fitted with velcro rather than 2 mile of wind around bit.

    Twisty things = trouser blouser

    Green plastic cup initially issued with KFS circa 1980 despatched to the bin over the weekend - brought a tear to my eye but it is now history.

    Still have Chinese fighting suit, Jap hat, DMS buits, black polished pumps, SLR cleaning kit and long johns though and just realised why Mrs H calls me a hoarder!!.
  7. And dont forget, those wonderful Shirts KF that sliced the nipples off , and BTW, those Light Weight Blankets (green) were made of the same material I seem to remember.
    Who got all those?
    The application stick in the SLR oil bottle cleaning kit that you scooped the oil onto your wpn and also Graphite Grease in the LMG wallet!
    The rubber ringed seal inside the 84mm TPTP containers that was better that any elastic bands or twisters, two rockets, two bands...
  8. You want to get on ebay matey 'as used by the SAS'...gold mine :D (although I only got £5 for the chinese fighting suit trousers (I forgot to state 'as used by....etc'))
  9. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Mao trousers lol. As (what they now call) Formation Recce in BAOR, they thought we'd make good guinea pigs to try out Mao suits in the late 70s.

    In 1985, by now in the RAPC, as usual my former 15/19H Paymaster phoned me up. "Corporal Alien, you have been selected from a shortlist of one to be my first mate and navigator in the Joint-Services Regatta out of Kiel at which we're going to stuff the Crabs."

    The crew consisted of his Commanding Officer and RSM of some Ordnance Depot, maybe in Krefeld. (My skipper always liked to be short-crewed: it saved a cwt or more of ballast.)

    Came to the night sail. Me and the Major on one stag, Half Colonel and RSM on the other. Come daylight and we're sailing back into Kiel. The CO starts removing all his layers. "I have to say, this new Mao suit we've just been lucky enough to get hold of first because we're blanket stackers is rather good at keeping one warm."

    I replied, "Aye ah knar like man, Sor. Ah've still got the set I was issued about seven years ago when I was Recce. Didn't bother bringing it cos it is summer and being ex-Recce, I don't feel the cold."

    That put him back in his box.
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I've still got my Puttee's,DMS Boots,a couple of the old Hairy Mary shirts & bit's of the old 58 pattern webbing in the loft!
  11. Anklets - button stick - blanco - shirt collars

    Swing that lantern
  12. Long johns with a trap door in the arrse, cap comforters, "road slapper" plimsols, puttees, vulcanised rubber waterproofs, jeez we used to get some crap !!! Nothing wrong with the KF though at least it was warm.

    Regards LT.
  13. The complete 1157 in the loft could actually be a goldmine then given a suitable tale as to it's previous use and/or ownership.

    Any alternatives to 'KFS for sale as used by Captain David Stirling during desert raiding operations in WWII' tale would be appreciated.

  14. Bloody Hell, was the world all in Black and White when you joined up? The button stick I have seen sold for £30 on sneer bay...
  15. Other useless items I have stashed in my loft:

    Foresight protector SLR
    Nylon bayonet frog SLR
    Helmet spider
    Road slappers
    stanley matthews shorts

    Will they be antique soon?