What ever happened to 'The Tara'?

Anyone know what happened to 'The_Tara'?

Kinda miss the old chap ...
Aparently JJ has resigned and taken up post as a Sec of a Golf Club wonder if he can manage the duty roster there. Will he still pretend curtains are solid walls?
Just catching up on the forum and wanted to let you know I was back!! I got really into the site when I first joined in 2002 and was in sunny Herford. Later that year I decided enough was enough and left for civvy street. In doing so, I pretty much put the previous 24 years behind me and with all the life changes that followed didnt visit the site. Recently rediscovered it and slowly but surely reading my way back into things and will no doubt start more frequent posting soon. Nice to know that somebody missed me!! Regards to all who know me.

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