What ever happened to.....Lewis Collins?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by afghanman, Sep 28, 2008.

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  1. What ever happened to TV screen hard man Lewis Collins? He seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth.

    I heard a rumour that he was as tough as his on screen persona, CI5 agent Bodie in The Professionals, and may now be deep under cover in the global fight against AQ, instead of doing courtroom TV dramas like his old chum Martin Shaw.
  2. Apparently Lewis moved to Los Angeles in the mid 90s where he runs a successful computer business.

    His last role was in The Bill in 2002.

    He has been married for the last 16 years and has 3 sons.
  3. Who Cares! Tosseur
  4. What Lard said.
  5. I bet you wouldn't say that to his face. He would probably duff you up!
  6. I met him once. I only wish I had the foresight to have my piccie taken with him as I could've plastered it all over the net and acted as a 'consultant' to The Professionals. Nice bloke, well-liked apparently - and not full of himself.

    He was in 10 PARA and tried out for 21 (to no avail). I don't know when he left the TA, but I bumped in to him at Brize whilst he was on a course in the mid-'80s, so it's likely he was playing catchy uppy following an injury after a bad landing.

    He's a skydiving nut and lives in LA where he frequents a local centre. Don't knock him. He's the genuine article... unlike some in vogue at present.
  7. I was working as a Temp chef, at the Texaco oil refinary in Coryton Essex, in the early/mid nineties. Lewis Collins was filming a training video for them.

  8. It is a little known fact that after his outstanding performance in "the professionals" and "who dares "wins" Collins was made an Honourary member of shhhhhh..........................Them!

    After experiencing SF work, The glamour of the big screen could never much the buzz Collins got from Embassy storming and after some string pulling in whitehall and Hereford. Collins was invited to attempt selection. He passed with flying colours and was badged soon after.

    He is still serving and rumour has it he has done a number of tours in hot sandy places. An urban myth going round hereford is that he was involved in the Gibraltar shootings in 1988.

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  9. I heard a rumour that he had cancer that stopped him working. At the time, it didn.t sound good. Sorry, no links.
  10. ".....the Gibraltar shootings in 1998."

    These were so secret that they weren't publicised at all, unlike the 1988 ones.

  11. Well spotted, wondered how long it would take.
  12. I was told he never passed P Coy while at 10 PARA but hung around quite a bit? Was still described as being a good bloke though
  13. I concur. I was back at Brize at the time endeavouring to keep up my PJI qual and acting as supernumerey instructor on his intake. A good student throughout, pity about his lower tib injury. I offered to take his bfo motorbike back to London for him but his dad came and collected it instead.

    He had a few problems re waving a shotgun around, once in the company of John Conte (former world middleweight (?) boxer) and again in a spate with his parents. Offers from the industry started drying up and so off to California as I understand it. A good bloke.
  14. Hmm. Story I was told that he and a guy I knew went up to the Beacons for a bit of bimbling about with packs and stuff, stayed at the Storey Arms, was recognised by the waitress, pulled her, the following day was a write off as his bedroom door was shut. Good skills in one area, but...

    And the reason you fans of The Professiosnals haven't seen it back on TV in endles repeats was due, according to the Other Bloke, was 'cos he couldn't agree the rights.

    But hey, we have an Arrser called Peter Skellen - what does he think?
  15. Its on one of the satellite channels several times a day....