What ever happened to L Troop, 9 Sigs ORAC?

Is ORAC still alive, shredded or stored in Director Int's private stash of subversive publications?

Having spent many a happy hour browsing the hallowed pages - some damn fine art work.

Long live the Intifada!!


ORAC. The all knowing book of truth.

In the early 90s we were sure it used to disappear off to the security section periodically.

Many a shift spent wondering how ORAC knew about me, the soapy frogs and a bottle of Carlsberg. :oops:
Rumour has it that a certain Maj had it brought back and it was stuffed behind his filing cabinet for a while at Chix.
Ah yes the Ay Nik Intifiada. I saw one of them around Lincolnshire a couple of years ago but was so dumbfounded he was still aliveI couldn't speak!

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