What equipment do i need to order for ski touring STP

I am organising an adventure training expedition and was wondering if someone could help me. I have no experience with ski touring and would like to know what kit to order from the loan pool stores at bicester for Ski Tour Profeciency (STP).

The exped is in january next year to Andorra.

Thanks for any help you can give.
Skis would be a start
It may also check for old pxrs. Someone may already have done sking to andorra at it could provide some usefull contact details in country.
gunit said:
What equipment do i need to order for ski touring STP
"oldarmr" Thanks for the help, i have a TLT who will be able to take it. Trying to track him down in august during block leave if another issue. Before i left for leave i phoned the ATG centres asking people what kit i would need to order. I got some uninterested people asking me i need to write a JSATF A first, this is all done i just cant seem to find an army kit list for STP or an Itinerary of the day to day activities that you do.

scarletto cheers for that loads of help what was your next post "ski boots" idiot.
No my next post was going to be 'ski poles' whose the idiot now :p

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