What equipment do I need for basic?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by soon_to_be_int, Aug 23, 2006.

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  1. I'm starting basic at Winchester on 4th Sept, is there any extra equipment I should take along?

    I chatted to a guy in Phase 2 about it when I visited Chicksands and he talked for an hour about it but I can't remember what he said. Was he being melodramatic or am I in for a bad suprise?

    If you were doing basic again what extra equipment would you take with you?

  2. Your soon to be in the INT corp and you have forgot what somebody told you ?. I dont rate your chances much . Dont take much kit at all .You will
    get issued everything you need . I know your troop SGT at Winchester as well , his breath stinks !
  3. Don't listen to me I'm a civi :p.

    That said, A very good quality iron (£70+) would be a good idea - I hate ironing and I would want a piece of kit that makes it as easy as possible.
  4. I will get nicked mate ,or your section buddies will use it and it will get
    trashed . £30 max from argos .
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    At least you got part of your post correct.

    Fecking seventy quid plus for an iron !
    Quit the Class A drugs, knob.
  6. Sanity. However you may lose it any time during training.

    If your going Slime Im abit concerned that you can't remember what someone said while you were sober. I met Green Slime lads who only operated after comsuming their body weight in Vodka. They generally remembred every thing they done at the bar the following evening. It wasn't always a good thing because they did get up to some sick, deranged and generally gay antics.

    Good luck. Remember no intel is good intel. Apparently???
  7. The only "extra" kit you will need is, the will to succeed and self belief. Any other kit is superfluous to your needs and jedi training. In yer own time......carry on!
  8. Soon to fail phase 2 training - look at the above and work it out.

    OK I'll help you - some form of drinking vessel and some KY.
  9. Take two Wash Kit's,1 to use and 1 to display in your locker for inspection's...
  10. It will help if you bring your own PC for the studies, more importantly for the gaming in the block.

    You must have a dual processor and as much RAM as you can get. Try not to bring a laptop, they are seen as a bit recerche

    For maximum credibility stick with a transportable like this NCO[​IMG]

    If you are still on Windows, I would migrate to linux now if you don't want to suffer at the hands of the CLAIT Drill Instructor :!:
  11. Do not take any kit not on the issued lit list. You do not have that much space in basic and in most cases your platoon staff will not let you use none issue equipment till the later stages of training, they will then suggest what will help you.
  12. don't forget to steal a gas plug from one of your mates so that you can clean your dirty gas plug on your own time ( swan vesta match heads work wonders ) and craftily replace the dirty one with the clean one each time you have to hand your weapon in.

    Also make sure you bring your own chest "rig" as this will impress the insructors. If you cannot afford a chest rig, make sure you put your water bottle in the entrenching tool pouch, as this looks really "switched on" .

    Get hold of a grenade pin ring pull to put on the zip of your smock, which preferably should be a para one, and put an upside down fighting knife on your webbing straps for extra switched on-ness
  13. Yeah, great advice there Irish. They are going to be really impressed with me now.