What else has Obama achieved?

Discussion in 'US' started by postman_twit, Apr 7, 2010.

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  1. Slightly over 2 years in office and, apart from pushing through his flagship health care reforms, what has he achieved?

    Genuine question from an interested foreigner.

  2. Over two years? I thought he has been in just over a year? (he won a noble peace prize the same month he sent 30,000 men to war)
  3. Actually, it is not two years but a little over a year (Time flys when you are having fun but...)

    Other than healthcare, not much and the healthcare bill is a major mess. A lot of people are really upset. The bill is about 2900 pages of all kinds of special provisions, breaks for unions that endorsed Obama, added taxes. No one really knows for sure what the full effect will be. My former wife is the lawyer for the agency in my state that arranges insurance for public employees and she is going nuts trying to figure the impact.

    The reason people are upset is not providing healthcare to those who don't have it but the fact that most of us already had good healthcare and we well may lose that. Many really good healthcare plans people have now are "Cadillac plans" in Obama's eyes and have a 40% tax but again there are exceptions. I have a "Cadillac" plan as does the man in the next office who earns $25k more than me. I will pay tax as I am not union but he will not as he is a deputy fire chief and a member of a fire union and therefore exempt.

    I was talking to my elderly aunt on Easter and she broke down in tears talking about healthcare as she had just found out that her heart medicine is considered too expensive and she will have to pay about $500 per month herself.

    What else has he done? Well he put in some changes in the "cash for clunkers" program that was supposed to stimulate our auto industry and the result was the changes favored smaller, Japanese, cars and the majority of the cars purchased unser a program to stimulate US industry are Japanese.

    He actually is a probably a decent man but he had very little experience and was thrust into the oval office due to huge media support and was probably not ready for all that is involved. And like all presidents he has aged rapidly in the past year and is noticeably greyer of hair than he was.

    Probably will be a one term President if the Republicans don't shoot themselves in the foot by picking an extreme candidate.
  4. Apologies for the error.

    The second term was going to be a follow up question. He comes across very much like Blair, all froth and little substance. Probably doing him a big disservice as he seems a decent bloke.

  5. In a word, fcuk-all. David BOC has given you a fair rendition of what Obumbler has managed to accomplish in the year and three months give or take a day or so that he has actually been in the presidency. (Please don't make it out to have been longer than it actually has been.)
    He did get the Nobel Peace Prize from the Norskie ****-wits in 2009, but it was only because he wasn't George Bush. And Obozo was nominated barely two weeks after he had assumed office. Talk about your skimpy CV.

    Big O brayed on and on about healthcare ad nauseum all last year and it finally got passed through Congress but only through parliamentary tricks, Democratic Leadership arm-twisting, and payment of bribes. And the exact details of what the plan is intended to change is not yet clear because it's a 2,900 page document. Many Americans, myself included, are angry. This Democratic administration has displayed their contempt for us by not listening to what we say. :evil:
  6. I can't see o'bama as anything other than a US version of blair and just as blair set out to destroy the "Britishness" of Great Britain, o'bama is out to destroy the "Americaness" of America
  7. David

    The impression I got from the odd US forum like Socnet & Democratic Underground as well as the mainstream news is that the original plan was something a lot more like other universal healthcare systems, but this met too much resistance. I remember Obama saying in response that the Canadian system wouldn't work in the US (or something to that effect). What resulted is something that a lot more (including the left because it isn't what they originally wanted) are unhappy with.

    Maybe if the problems with the US healthcare system had been dealt with earlier, a more palatable solution could have been reached? OTOH it could be this bill is just a first step towards the type of system every other first world country (and an increasing number of other countries) are adopting?
  8. The Barrycare is essentially what the GOP proposed by when Hillarycare was looming. It represents a major achievement for industry lobbyists larded out with a lot of pork. Perhaps its worth it for the spectacle of all those enraged Tea Partying seniors terrified that their (socialized) Medicare benefits will get dissipated by folks further down the food chain being insured.

    What else has Barry done? Escalated the Pashtun war while setting a politically expedient draw down date, surged drones over FATA. Done all he can to appease Pindi, back peddled with India and grovelled to Beijing. All while failing to sideline an annoyingly tenacious Karzai.

    He's steadfastly clung to most of the rest Bush's second term foreign policy with the exceptions of daring to annoy the Israelis without actually bracing them to any purpose and making a halfhearted attempt to bargain down the Kremlin's potentially planet killing nuke stockpile.

    Like his predecessor his determination to protect the riches of Wall St cannot be faulted. He has served his major donors well. The stimulus pushed enough pork into the system for cover and may even have created a few jobs.

    Having a dusky fella in the Whitehouse has been damn good for gun sales. The NRA must be real conflicted on that one.

    He's been compared with LBJ recently, he hasn't shown that kind of low cunning or the political courage. He actually wants to be like his hero "The Great Communicator" Reagan but actually he's been nearer to Carter with a few of windy JFKs many failings.
  9. Good summary. He is, I think, essentially a decent man but over his depth. Not that effective in dealing with congress although he got them to pass the Obamacare bill finally. He clings to Bush's foreign policy as he has never had one of his own and may never had thought about it.

    Like many here I have excellent health care coverage and I just hope he hasn't fcuked my care up too badly.
  10. I'm not looking to start some huge rant etc but i did find this little film extremely interesting and thought i'd post it up as it is in tune with the topic at hand.

  11. Isn't that a good thing? or am I wrong?
  12. Uhmmm... The Aquaduct?
  13. Obama is working for the nWo? :? Even I didn't see that one coming. :pc:

  14. o'bama, blair = BAD
  15. Haha hulk hogan is the evil mastermind behind all of the worlds problems, his tache is the source of his diabolical power! Down with the nwo!