What else can they teach you?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Ondy, Jun 30, 2008.

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  1. Before i started basic, which aint too far away i really wanted to do my motorbike CBT, so when i finished phase 1 there should be enough saved up dough to get a decent honda or something.

    But the question is, is this something the army could teach me? An is there anything else thats possible to learn apart from your trade, one lad in AFCO was talking about a scuba diving instructor course???

    If its true you can do there must a wating period longer than G N' Rs Chinese Democracy.
  2. Once in a field unit the chance for adventure training is very high. Along with that comes some pretty good AT quals so as the old advert used to say ... "Wheres Frank????"
  3. :? Do they show a picture of wildness and you put your little xxx's where you think Frank's hiding and if you get it right you win 50 quid? No? Nevermind. Can remember that 'forward as one ad', it worked anyway! Ha.

    Suppose its down to where your based eh, ill look into what the REME gets upto. Apparently there into team work sports says the careers advisor.

    Not even in yet, an already going on some adventure training next week, Capel Curig training camp "recorded as the wettest place in Wales", hence the lakes then.
  4. Sorry to bump an old thread but didnt want to start a new one for a slap yourself dumb question.

    I was now also wondering if you can learn sign language in the army? Actual sign language btw not the two finger salute :p And i know you might say wtf would they need to teach that for, but the yanks do it, so i hoped we might because its interested me for a while now.

    Whilst im here might aswell answer the original question for anyone else interested in getting a motorbike in the army. Apparently you can expect to wait two years to get on a motorbike course but that time includes phase 1 and 2 so its not that bad if your in no hurry; but that time also depends on if its needed for your trade or unit and if it is you'll be in the saddle alot sooner.

    But if anyone knows or heard anything about sign language in army that'd be great.
  5. You get like so much money per year for courses like that.
  6. Oh okay, so do they give you a budget and say 'go educate yourself, fool'

    Then you can go to a civvie college or signing group, whatever the case, and pay there grubby paws from your education money?
  7. well yeah basically, they will pay for anything to better yourself, but not in those words lol, if the army doesn't run it, then you will need to pay for the course, then the army would pay you back.
  8. Would you please stipulate whose (Please do not let it rhyme with Litish or Ditish) armed forces you are actually joining..

  9. This one, oh. You'd have thought they'd be a union jack smiley wouldnt you.

    Can you tell me more about courses in the army please? As id rather hear from someone serving, sry no offence flashgear.
  10. I'm in 1st battalion The Rifles, i've never taken a course, but i know you get a set amount of cash each year to do ANY! course you wish.

    I doubt the Army would run a sign language course, although they might, but if they don't you just enroll yourself onto it, and the army would pay for it.

    it's pretty simple..
  11. Its true. I've just come back from Tokyo having completed an all expenses paid course in deep sea origami. It qualifies me to work on the rigs.
  12. My humble apologies there then, i just read a couple of your posts in the ADSC chat thread and thought you were waiting for basic.
  13. Come on Ondy our future Henno, when are you actually going to start basic in the BRITISH Army.

  14. I would reply but I think Ondy's a cunt and therefore can't be arsed.
  15. That would be on the 25th August, unless it moves again :(

    And erm....what is a future Henno?