What drinks sums up REME

Discussion in 'REME' started by shut_cint, Oct 8, 2011.

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  1. Lets face it we all do it!

    Jocks Regt= Bucky and Whiskey
    House chav + cav regt = shampers

    RLC = Coke

    but REME?

    May break it down, A mech Herforder (yellow hand bags)
    B mech = Shandy

    Rechy Mech = everything in coshh locker

    Tech = White wine sprizter
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  2. I believe I speak for armourers when I say everything tastes the ******* same after a three hour session of huffing the suncorite. And when I say it all tastes the same, it's like having a rainbow spunk in your mouth.
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  3. The top shelf mix - chuck in a bit of everything to try and keep everyone happy.
  4. 15w/40
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  5. Always wanted a brew when they turned up with ARV/Half Track/FRT etc.Good lads,still be stuck on Soltau 40+ years later without them.
  6. it will always be warm herfie straight from the bottle, served in the middle of german nowhere

    or maybe meths
  7. OMD80 on Wheelnuts.
  8. WD 40 and lime
  9. I don't know what drink best sums up the Sprocket Dragoons, but I do know that the Signals as a Regiment have a good knack of ******* off the REME's when it comes to invites to functions much to my protestations. They, (the Signals Seniors organising) obviously haven't served in a Brigade Signal Squadron and had the faithful anytime anywhere 434 come and rescue them out of 7 shades of shite
  10. Hmmmm. Father in law is ex REME, WO1. He'll drink/eat anything so long as it's free.
  11. Congealed jiz!
  12. Warsteiner
  13. Anything Bitter with a shit sandwich bar snack
  14. Traditionally it was Aldi instant coffee, with Baileys instead of milk, served in a cracked mug with grubby swarfega handprints inside and out and containing some very suspicious looking floaters.....
  15. Remind me again.....is it turps with fish and meths with meat? or is it the other way around.....can never remember.
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