what dress is this?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by richy4, Nov 5, 2012.

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  1. Something the Rifles / Light Div like to cut around in.

    I say that both from seeing them cut around in it and from using my eyes to look at the details of the photo.
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  2. On first glance at the the photo it look like the soldier rear left of the Lt Col is carrying a bunch of flowers - and stands by for incoming.
  3. Caecilius

    Caecilius LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    It's also worn by most Cavalry Regiments (minus the bizarre Idea of wearing a stable belt over a jumper). It looked quite good with DPM, but I'm not convinced by the MTP/wooly pully combo.
  4. Anyone who uses the word "combo" is obviously too influenced by the spams to make any useful comment.
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  5. Ye gadz..looks 'orrible!

    I used to like DPMs, Wolley Jumper, TOS and Stable belt over the jumper, looked smart for working dress. Most deffo does not work with MTP
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  6. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

    This is the Rifles, the only unit to defy the CoC on MTP so much that they published their Dress Regs (it's on the internet, go look) with pictures of them in MTP with sleeves rolled up and the jacket tucked in, their officers kick around the APC like that. And there is approximately 300 orders of dress in it, if you have a different hat on it is a different order of dress.

    I used to think that us Jocks went daft with the daft orders of dress, Friday Dress, Saturday Morning dress, review dress etc etc (and don't mention the BW) but the Rifles are just taking the piss.

    Burn them, burn them all...........................
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  7. HHH

    HHH LE

    And the WO's where wearing the beret with theirs.
  8. We did didn't we! And then the away from unit mixes they were outrageous, mix in with canes and crumocks and not forgetting big sharp knives and forks sets along with big swords!
    But back to the photo isn't that a RGJ side hat?
  9. It's called "Going Shopping" order.
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  10. He should be wearing a tie, looks gash otherwise.
  11. Christ that looks gash, they'd look smarter wearing 'ucking boiler suits and bobble hats ffs!
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  12. Bring back lightweights! Got issued them in 2001..... never worn and still in the cellophane waiting to be deployed... I still prefer the CS 95 uniform. Not fussed if dpm or mtp. The pcs is a pain in the arrse... too much velcro and everything catches on it. Even taking the Osprey on and off it catches on the arms of the trf patches. The Navy tuck the PCS 'warm weather combat jacket' in and it looks shit.
  13. I'd be surprised if you could tell the difference between RGJ and RIFLES without seeing the cap badge or back badge.

    And personally I like it - but it looks 10x better without the woolly pully and with the white shirt and whistle cord.
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