What does this say about our country?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Apr 4, 2009.

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  1. That foreigners come here, to attack our citizens becuae our JAILS are a cushier option than staying in their own country.

    Reportage here

    A 21 year old, soldiers girlfreind, lassy raped by a nutter for a nice life and the chance to learn English.

    But what can we do about the situation?

    Yes, we could whip them with a birch. But that would no doubt cause agro with teh HRA.

    We could hang them, but again wit teh HRA.

    There is no point sending htem back, because they will likely end up onthe first truck back to Blighty.

    Any suggestions?

    As usual any Daily Mail Hateing can go here
  2. How about giving them one of those potions that Dignitas mix up..?
  3. I know nonces are considered fair game in prisons but what about rapists? Sounds like the other guys in the remand prison either didn't like him straight away or perhaps found out about what he had done... maybe he'll be wishing he hadn't gotten on that coach to Blighty once word slips out in his wing about what he did to get in there...
  4. I believe rapists are only marginally higher than nonces on the food chain.

    Perhaps, if he is being beaten up, he should be left inside a bit longer (in general population obviously). Then he can make some adverts we can play on Romanian Tele....
  5. Find someone who is in his nick for a bloody long time and bribe them to do horrific things to him
  6. Clad them in CS95 kit and drop them off alone in Helmand, then rush back and monitor internet for the inevitable. :twisted:
  7. I hope some big bloke in there rapes him and tears his arse apart.
  8. What does it say?

    It says clearly, that thanks to the grinning 'spiv' Bliar and the Federated Soviet States of Europe, and an Opposition afraid to confront the overwhelming threat of Europe, we no longer run our own country.
  9. Why whipping them? I bet they don't look for the opportunities to end up in Turkish prison... Why not whip with a birch all the HRA enthusiasts together with politicians that work tirelessly to eradicate the line between reward and punishment?
  10. For my money this snippet says the most:

    "Ali Majlat, who was allowed into this country despite having spent more than half his life in prison........."

    Unfortunately, too many Mail readers will focus on the first half of that sentence rather than the last part. We need immigration, but not on an all-and-sundry basis.
  11. He sounds like a perfet candidate to test drive new 6ft by 6ft cells that have no lights and require the occupant to only have 30 minutes exercise a day. Atleast that way his pathetic 4 and a half year punishment will hurt.
  13. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    "Last August, with his 45-year-old brother serving a life sentence here for rape and attempted murder, he travelled to Britain to visit him.

    Before he had the chance to do so, he was convicted in connection with a burglary in London and jailed for eight weeks.

    Despite his record, he was not deported on his release on October 10 because he was not deemed to be 'high risk'."

    There are at least 2 things that disturb me about this quote from the article.

    1. Why did a man 'convicted in connection with a burglary in London' only spend 8 weeks in jail?

    2. Why wasn't a foreigner who has been convicted of an offense serious to land him in jail not deported? I don't give a flying f... how much risk he was thought to pose - he should have been thrown out. I thought our Government had promised us that this would be the case. Or have we been lied to again?
  14. It doesn't really say anything about this country, because to be honest, nothing surprises me any more.
  15. Isnt it wierd that i hate, but also totally agree with your post.