What does this mean?


Can anyone tell me what this award will mean for the average Joe, of the Regiment? Do they get a medal or some sort of badge?

32nd Military Police Company to receive Valorous Unit Award for Iraq service

The 32nd Military Police Company, Wisconsin Army National Guard, will receive the Valorous Unit Award for extraordinary heroism in action when they were deployed in and around Baghdad, Iraq.

The award will be presented in a ceremony at the Oconomowoc armory, 1215 Wall Street, Saturday, Dec. 10, at 12:30 p.m.

The unit, based in Milwaukee with a detachment in Madison, sent about 180 soldiers to Iraq in May 2003 and returned to Wisconsin in July 2004. During its 14-month tour of duty, the unit lost one soldier, Spc. Michelle Witmer, the first female soldier killed in action in the history of the National Guard; and 35 Purple Heart Medals were awarded to soldiers wounded in action.

In the midst of ongoing hostilities, the unit’s soldiers also found time to visit disabled Iraqi children in an orphanage run by the Sisters of Charity, Mother Teresa’s order of Catholic nuns.

The Valorous Unit Award is given for “extraordinary heroism in action against an armed enemy of the United States.” The award recognizes heroism by a whole unit equal to that for which an individual would receive the Silver Star. The 32nd Military Police Company will be the first Wisconsin Guard unit to receive the award in the history of the Wisconsin National Guard.

The awards will be presented by Maj. Gen. Al Wilkening, the adjutant general of Wisconsin, and by. Brig. Gen. Kerry Denson, commander of the Wisconsin Army National Guard.
Unit awards are worn by members of the unit throughout their career if they were in the unit when it was awarded . It is also worn bynew members of the unit when assigned to that unit. For Department of the Army official photos it does show youve been around the block , and the DA photo for promotion is very important.
Darth_Doctrinus said:
Everyone in the unit now and in the future will get to wear one of these above their right breast pocket:

Very nice.
Isnt there a RA unit with an american award? Citation? not sure what Regt though...
It was 25/170 (Imjin) Bty who wear the presidential citation for their part in Korea. I am told they are aka bingo Bty

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