What does this mean???

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by princess_combat, Jul 5, 2006.

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  1. This evening as per we are all sat around in the sitting room with the group of misfits I mean mates who live in this shared house and obviously a few of there mates. There is a X wife of (my land lady, and friend), a crab, a squaddie, 1 civie and a wanna be and a few random service men and women.

    This phrase keeps coming up Factory air started by the crab now my only understanding is this refers to a woman has nothing to do with sexual parts and thats all I know.

    They won't tell me....but with a smile suggested I post to find out. Now they are giggling and laughing like kids.

    Well quite frankly I do not care if I am stupid. If you don't ask questions you never learn anything. More laughing.

    So will someone please explain to me what Factory air is with regards to woman. As you can imagine a search comes up with the factory enviroment.

    The crab insists he was complementing the person. "The exact quote was fuck, you would not expect her to have factory air"
  2. You forgot to add "plus one deluded control freak that would serve the world better by taking her own life, hanging be the preferred method."
  3. Its the gap between a burds thighs, just under her box
  4. Christ is she back :x
  5. Thought only models and anorexic squaddie chasers had that
  6. Exactly, hence the term "Fcuk, you wouldnt expect her to have factory air" must have been discussing a fatty.
  7. You've led a sheltered life, I on the other hand have never seen this factory air thingy first hand only on the internet

    Come to think of it "first hand" is a bad choice of words
  8. Bowlegged women don't need to squat. Of course it's a compliment. :wink:
  9. Must go to the opticians, I thought you wrote "bewoggled." Had a strange vision of Akela ....... :)