What does the TA selection weekend entail?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by ORANGERIDER, Apr 9, 2010.

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  1. i am attending ta selection at pirbright this weekend and wondered what to expect and if there is anyone else on here who is also attending ?
  2. A bit of phys, a bit of listening, a bit of talking ... just pop along and enjoy ....
  3. Expect a long walk to the nearest pub if you get to go out, the nearest is in Brookwood right next to the train station about 2 mile away, about the same distanc away is The Cricketers or The White Haert but you go under the train bridge at the fork.
  4. I attended this almost 1 year ago and we did not get to go out to the pub (far from it). The weekend involved a series of Physical tests including 1.5 mile run best effort and gym tests, a 'look at life', a short icebreaker from each potential candidate, some drill, a 'grenade run' and various presentations on TA life.
  5. My bad sorry

    Was getting mixed up with SUT weekend, yep all of the above. Enjoy lets hope the weather lasts 8)
  6. Im surprised they let you off camp for a sut weekend ..
  7. Mind you 3psg we might have been able to as we finished early on our RSW,cos we were all 100% ofcourse :D .only downside was that the nearest watering hole was about 5 miles away :(