What does the INT CORPS mean to you?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. got bored of packing MFO boxes and can't be bothered to have a w*nk ;)

    thought I would have a play with words and stuff instead for once:




    obviously, the fact that i actually sat and thought about this for 5 minutes is very sad. instead, you might prefer to do these (rather more fun) activities:

    see if you can scoop one of your eyeballs out with a spoon (kid at school had it done by a doctor 8O ).

    see how many map pins you can stick into your hand before you make a noise.

    see how many map pins you can slip under the seat cover of a colleague's chair while they are on a NAAFI run.

    see if the roof of your mouth is ticklish.

    see if the roof of your OC's mouth is ticklish. :)

    and yes, i really am this f*cking bored.

    Bored - You're not joking are you? Me too. Telly's rubbish!
  3. and the liverpool match isn't on till tomorrow... :(

    stand by for more bored antics :)
  4. What does the Int Corps mean to me ?.............and what is the question ?
  5. CR, you are truly bored stiff with too much time on your hands and what would appear to be an addiction to ARRSE!
  6. i'm not addicted. i can handle ARRSE... i can give it up any time i want... :?
  7. Quitting ARRSE is like shi'iting a brick:

    Its going to hurt, take time and perseverance but in the end, through the blood, sweat and tears you'll come out the other side more a man than I!

    Good luck.

    I'm off to grease my palm, reach for the Kleenex and flick through the pages of the Rose and Laurel........ Now THATS an addiction :lol:
  8. International

    Ordered to

    Took me 2 minutes, half a mug of coffee and 4 'Nice' biscuits.
  9. Are they any good?
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Bah.. I was waiting for someone to say they were nice. 8O

    That's good too though... And true.. they're not that nice.
  12. Chocolate HobNobs - the biscuit of the Gods. Hard enough to take on ex on The Plain!
  13. Bwahahaha!

    She got us! :? :D

    Hey.. over trusting.. does that go hand in hand with an air of innocence? :twisted: 8)

    <-- Edit: Oo 400 posts! And none of irrelevant sh!te like CR! ;) :lol:

    Edit 2: Ok maybe just a wee bit.

    Edit 3: Alright alright.. all of it irrelevant sh!ite. :roll: