what does the cuts mean to new recruits?

Hello. I start my basic in November I'm going in for reccy mech, just want to know after all the training and you get put into your regiment, but it faces the cut.what will happen, I heard you go infantry? Thanks
Utter bollocks. Don't be so gullible. You will be pretty much unaffected.
recruiting never gets turned off, the people leaving will need replacing, for all the blokes getting brown letters there will be people PVRing or reaching the end of the terms of their contract, you will still be needed.
Landrovers are already repaired and refurbed by a civvie firm.

It was on it's way out and all the fabrication kit got sold on to some bloke in Doncaster or somewhere IIRC, then the recent unpleasantness kicked off and he suddenly found himself the owner of a hugely profitable business.

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