What does TELIC stand for?




'TELIC': ADJECTIVE: 'Directed or tending toward a goal or purpose'; 'purposeful'.

So now you know.

So, what is the goal?  Is Soldier_Why right?
TELIC = Tell everyone lies if concerned.
Tony easily lies if cornered.
Telic =Tell Everybody Lies If Criticised  :)
         Transport Everyone Leave in Cerney
Total Erradication Looms Iraq Crisis
Tony Earns Lots In Cash
The Enemy Lurks In Iraqi Camps.... oh... too many "I"s

Ok ok, il go!!! I could do this all night!!!! Byee!
Tonys Enemies Left In Charge
Tory Eejits Left In Chaos
Total Emai L Imbargo Currently

You seem to get a better welfare package on Exercise then you do on Ops.  No email access and papers 3 times a week.  ( I'ts probably the same at South Cerney)

What happened to the Military Covenant.......

Sope shiney needs hanging!!!!!

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