What does Scotland mean on National Tartan Day - 6 April

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by RCSignals, Mar 30, 2005.

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  1. most of this is pretty good:

  2. oh god, yet another excuse for the Jockaphiles down under to get their rag tag bits of kilts out and wear Black Watch hackles in glengarry's with Gordon kilts. When will it end? :cry:

    Though some of the birds in tartan mini skirts were well worth looking at :twisted:
  3. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    Another opportunity to remind the jocks that the only reason they gave up the feudel clan system was because they tried picking on someone bigger than them and got pasted

    Another chance to remind them that they bankrupted themselves on daft buisness ventures in panama?

    It's only because the jocks take themselves so seriously that it's fun:D
  4. What % of jock blood do you need in the system to be considered Jock.
    I know convention has it that one drop of black blood make you coloured.
    Now if that is so then just how many of English descent are out there. I would immagine that one drop of the proven good stuff gives us stacks of conwerts to the true Faith.
  5. i will reproduce this time and time again to shut up up you mongrol breeds from down south... :wink:

    The story of Scotland

    In the beginning, when God was creating the world, he was sitting on cloud nine telling his pal The Archangel Gabriel what he planned for Scotland.

    “Gabby” says He, I am going to give this place high majestic mountains and purple heather laden glens; streams overflowing with Salmon, fields of Barley from which a golden coloured nectar called Whisky can be made; coal in the ground, oil and gas under the sea…….

    “Hold on, hold on!!!!” interjected the bold Gabriel. “Are you not being a bit too generous to these Scots?”

    Back came The Almighty (not donut) one’s reply.

    “Not really, wait until you see the neighbours I’m giving them!”
  6. You are there now. Set them right. Lead by example ;)

    Sort of like these (from an OZ eBay auction)?



    and Canada,


  7. Scotland means the same on Tartan Day as it does on any other - Fcuk All.

    A third world parasitic running sore blistered onto the top of England soaking up and wasting Tax revenues paid largely by the inhabitants of London and the South East. This English money squandered in the name of celtic vanity as they continue to foul up their sad efforts to 'rule' themselves with the patronising Devolution. (Is Devolution the opposite of Evolution? Discuss.) Whilst others of their ilk sneak south to help fcuk up the running of this country: Brown, Blair, Mac?, Darling, Reid.....

    Sod off home you porridge wogs.
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Not that I am racist I even hate the sheep shaggers and I know a few PW's my Pain in the ARRSSE boss is one. A Boss not a mate. feck off back!

    Good though and devolution is the evil nemesis of evolution.

    Ding Ding round one!
  9. Well as Porridge Wog myself, it sounds like a load of old aarrse! Check out the Scottish Society of the State of New York and scroll down the events page....... wot the f***k culinary delights could possibly be demonstrated at a Scottish Cooking Exhibition????????? Deep fried marsbar, twixx, bounty, or for you slimmers out there, try deep fried salad..... good grief!! 8O
  10. Yes, but the ones i saw the other day were much, much nicer.
  11. Surely this is a form of Nationalism and as such is as unacceptable as flying the 'Cross of St George' on 23 April this year folks.
  12. What? No pictures?

    (Sorry, those were all I could find in a quick search, but at least I shared them ;) )
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Actually this week scotland means the best quality and cheapest high seat delivered. Top geezer! and a top seat be out with it next sunday on a Roe cull!
    Bambi burgers anyone?
  14. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    My old man was a Sweaty, but he had the good sense - like many, many others - to abandon the dump and head South, so I would be eligible to join a Regiment that wore trousers not dresses.

    BTW, I thought that tartans were only invented as tribal symbols by Sir Walter Scott, who led the 'romantic revival' of Scotland that led to Queen Vic living in Balmoral occasionally (for a good roering by John Brown), Prince charles wearing kilts, etc...

    Now we in England are ruled by a gang of Scots lawyers/robbers (same thing) who insist that we hard working English subsudise the idle and indegent Scots so that they can get on with killing themselves young throug poor diet, heroin, Bucky, and Aids.

    National Tartan day - my ARRSE.
  15. As with many "Englishmen" who have Scottish roots, you have lost your way.

    Sir Walter Scott did not invent tartan, he just made Englishmen envious, and desirious of it, and everything else "Scottish"