what does O.T.C. mean

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by yannie, May 28, 2005.

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  1. what does OTC mean

  2. Off.The.Cuff
  3. Odious.Thick.Cnut.
  4. Officer training corps
  5. yannie do you know what fcuk off and die you stupid cnut means?
  6. my father who was in the miltary , taught me not to use such vulgar language .

    i am so sorry

  7. I concur with you, my learned friend.

    Yannie, please do everyone a favour and fuck right off!
  8. Yannie honey please answer me one question:

    Why do you come on here and ask things that you just know are gonna get a bad response from the rest of the members? You must like getting abused? Please let me know because if you are genuinely looking for information on the Army - you can find it at Army website
  9. And if you're genuinely looking for abuse, well... you've come to the right place. :roll: Alternatively, you could give me a call: 08457 90 90 90
  10. The abuse is part of what makes this sight fun!!! :)
  11. Ovaries Trashed by Car

    Oooooooopss thats Anya :D

    Yannie....... I've changed my mind I like you..... meet me at the M6 services at Charnock Richard... I want to demonstrate my feelings by hurling you under a mail train.

    Alternativley, you say you don't agree with sex before marraige, would you consider fingering my date gently while taking my stem in your kisser?
  12. you are disgusting[​IMG]
  13. And you are a cunt!
  14. Thankyou, I pride myself on it.

    So is that a yes then?

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    Come on Yannie, you know you want me. Forget that imaginary boyfriend, I'll forgive you for being a troll if you manipulate my prostrate and give me a throating
  15. Yannie i was hoping you got the hint, your doing well for a wind up, this thread stays open,

    weapons free in this thread only.

    I will delete it elsewhere