what does O.T.C. mean

yannie do you know what fcuk off and die you stupid cnut means?


yannie said:
my father who was in the miltary , taught me not to use such vulgar language .

i am so sorry

Yannie honey please answer me one question:

Why do you come on here and ask things that you just know are gonna get a bad response from the rest of the members? You must like getting abused? Please let me know because if you are genuinely looking for information on the Army - you can find it at Army website
And if you're genuinely looking for abuse, well... you've come to the right place. :roll: Alternatively, you could give me a call: 08457 90 90 90
Ovaries Trashed by Car

Oooooooopss thats Anya :D

Yannie....... I've changed my mind I like you..... meet me at the M6 services at Charnock Richard... I want to demonstrate my feelings by hurling you under a mail train.

Alternativley, you say you don't agree with sex before marraige, would you consider fingering my date gently while taking my stem in your kisser?
yannie said:
you are disgusting
Thankyou, I pride myself on it.

So is that a yes then?

Take me to your grubby bedsit, cover me in chip fat and slip a finger in my botty while you slobber over my dome?

Come on Yannie, you know you want me. Forget that imaginary boyfriend, I'll forgive you for being a troll if you manipulate my prostrate and give me a throating
Yannie, please send me a picture, preferable one with your tongue hanging out.

If you'd be good enough to accomodate a fantasy of mine: I'd like to visit you in the early hours dressed as an Austrian Tank commander... wake you up tenderly with a kiss before tying you to the head board and lowering my ballon knot onto your tongue.

Tickle my plums as you do in and I'll trump the theme tune to knight rider just to tease your tongue.

You remain tied up while I try on all your underwear before sawing of your toes and torching your house
You lot are a bunch of cnuts. Give the girl a break for fcuks sake. YANNIE ignore them love, they're all children. If you need some support you can PM me, but only if you send some pics of you spreadeagled with a frozen turkey neck deep in your cnut and a 10th anniversary Bukkake party reunions "product" dripping off your head.

P.S would you like to taste my lower colon?
Seriously I have had some dumb arse moments but hell woman! Go play on the M25, your doing my nut in, plank!
Mighty_doh_nut said:
Ovaries Trashed by Car

Oooooooopss thats Anya :D
ewwwwwwww, Ok I will let this one go seeing as yannie is being a stupid bint.

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