What does Mugabe think about Bush and Blair?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Oct 17, 2005.

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  1. http://news.ft.com/cms/s/86932bbe-3f2c-11da-932f-00000e2511c8.html

    The Zimbabwean president called the US and UK leaders “international terrorists”

    So what country should be liberated first? Zimbabwe, Venezuela or maybe Brazil?
  2. Mugabe is a tosser of supreme proportions

    But unfortunately I tend to agree with his opinions of Bill and Ben (Bush and Blair)
  3. Old Bob is like “so forgetful man” ...

    He can’t even remember has speech from 2 years ago when he said...

    Hour’s later members of the Zimbabwe National Army, including Mr. Mugabe’s
    elite force, the Presidential Guard, began a pre-dawn rampage in revenge
    for the opposition general strike last week.
    The attacks left more than 250 people injured, scores of them seriously,
    but victims remained defiant yesterday. Patricia Mukonda, 27, a
    secretary at the head office of the opposition Movement for Democratic
    Change, needed hospital treatment. Etc etc etc same old tyranny.
    Slot the man and move on.

    S.A. has started to go. 20 years till its over.
  4. Mugabe's opinion is of no account. He should worry what is going on while he is away , he might need to find a new country of residence. One can hope anyway.
  5. Just listened to some Bliarite on Radio 4 spouting about why it was right to invite Mugabe to this junket. Apparently what Mugabe said about Bush and Bliar can be discounted; what the world needs to know about is Bliar and Broon's marvellous work for Africa, etc, etc.
  6. I remember so many years ago laughing at the Soviet propaganda we were being fed but now I can't laugh at this propaganda being fed to us by our own government :evil:

    they now are drunk on the power that they have had for so long and see themselves as the only ones fit and proper to rule our country :evil: when will the majority wake up and see them for what they are......a bunch of lieing, self-serving, power hungry sycophants
  7. "What does Mugabe think about Bush and Blair?"

    Well I know what the general opinion on this board is of George and Tone and so who gives a flying FCUK what sum meglomanic murdering Hafrica thinks. He should join them on a conwnient gallows sumwhere.