What does life hold for ex-MPs?

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More than 120 MPs have announced they will stand down at this year's election, with more predicted to call it a day before then.

Combine them with MPs who may lose their seats in the more marginal constituencies and the election of 2010 could see the biggest change of MPs since the post-war election of 1945.
So...MPs may end up on the same Benefits System that they've been building for the last 12 years.


(This isn't in the NAAFI for a reason, does anyone actually think that former MPs will be able to find gainful employment outside Westminster?)
I'm sure that they will have cultivated a few contacts that they can use to get jobs (directorships at least anyway).
What does life hold for ex-MPs?
Probably 2-3 years suspended or 6 months then parole.

Try dodging your Council Tax, though.
As I understand it, the main reason that so many are standing down now is that they have a very good severance pay deal, which is being abolished. So it is either stand down now and get paid well for doing so, or keep going and get nothing when you finally leave.

In addition to the severance pay, MPs get a very good pension package, so it is not as if they will be destitute (unfortunately).


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As said above, many MPs will have made contacts for when they are no longer MPs so that they have posts (I won't call them jobs) where they do little actual work and get paid very nicely. There will be some legal types who will go back to making a (very good) living from the Legal Aid system.
There will be some who genuinely retire.

And then there will be those that nobody will touch with a bargepole such as Jim Devine, who will probably get a nicely paid job with Unison where he can be his usual useless self.
Most Labour MPs are unemployable: with their party being the most despised in living memory, and the calamitous results of their mismanagement of the country being felt for the next 30-40 years, no company (privately owned) will want to have anything to do with them and will be trying to cosy up to the Tories.

Stand by for a lot of them to get jobs in various NGOs and EU and UN bodies: the traditional homes of the incompetent and morally bankrupt (like the Kinnocks).

For the Tories that have stood down and for the few that will loose their seat, most have an income outside of Parliament. This is either through business/directorships that they held before becoming an MP, or being given work due to their connections with remaining MPs. Others hail from wealthy families so have a nice rich husband, wife or trust fund to look after them. Those not so lucky will simply do what Tories have done for years: go out and get a job.

LimpDems who loose their seats will go back to hanging around real ale pubs wearing Jesus sandals and stroking their beards while muttering how they are best suited to lead the country.

Many Labour and LibDems will try to become full time council jobworths/councillors. Thanks to Tony this is now a well paid profession rather than a vocation.
I've been listening to the same prog on R4 as the initial poster.

Widdecombe has it about right.

Some have made big names for themselves and will get something.

Some will go back to their former profession (Legal and medical types).

Some (especially those who don't expect to lose) will have problems.

Quite frankly the lot of them have provided very well for themselves and I can feel not one jot of concern for any of them.
cpunk said:
My father in law was an MP. After he retired, he switched to annoying an entirely different group of people.
8O the family?????
I do remember hearing an interesting story about the LibDem MP for Guildford, who whilst serving as an MP opened up a nice new job centre. When she lost her seat, she was in there looking for a job. Oh the irony.

Wish I could remember her name.
Receipt of their platinum plated, diamond encrusted pensions. This hopefully will be followed by:

endless waiting on NHS Waiting Lists;
under-performing schools for their progeny;
dreadful public transport in rural areas;
being seriously affected by the rising crime rates;
enormous tax rises to pay for their years of incompetence;
ill equipped and poorly staffed old people's homes;
hugely expensive dentists;
ludicrously expensive rail travel;
rising prices for utilities and such luxuries as: water, gas and electricity;
widespread opprobrium, ridicule and often hatred from the general public;

for starters!
The fact that so many MPs are comfortable with the prospect of voluntarily relinquishing their positions shows you that they will undoubtedly be comfortable no matter what their prospective futures may hold. Many have filled their pockets for so long that any possible financial blows will be well and truly softened.

If I had been in many of these MP's shoes I would quite happily make the leap to property developer, what with having several newly refurbished houses as a head start and all. ;)
Put it this way. None of them will be getting shit under their fingernails.


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