What does "last four" mean?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by flibbledybibble, Apr 26, 2011.

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  1. Hi, I'm an army cadet and some of the older cadets keep talking about the instructors "last four" but when I ask them what they mean they won't tell me or give bullshit excuses like last four girlfriends or last four numbers of service number.

    I've googled it and can't find what it means.

    Can someone help me?
  2. "last four" was always the last 4 digits of your regi number, but I fail to see how it's relevant in this case?
  3. That bit is actually correct, not bullshit.
  4. This was the correct answer.
  5. As everyone else has said, last four of your eight digit number, which as above seems irrelevent unless they do zap numbers for AI's?

    First four may be more relevant as that denotes (roughly) how long you've been in
  6. It's 'his' last fore, not four.

    This refers to your AI's pre-reconstructive surgery todger, which was shreaded when his prince albert got stuck in a cadet's hoop.

    Hope this helps?
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  7. Don't wind the young lad up Lefty...you'll be sending him for a can of tartan paint next!

    No young man, the instructor's "last four" are of course the last four cadets to register a complaint of sexual abuse against him. These complaints are known in the ACF as nasty rumours as in "you wicked young boy/girl, stop spreading nasty rumours about X...who completely coincidentally will be transferring to our other detachment." Until of course one of them is prosecuted. On average the fifth allegation which includes a prolonged and violent sexual assault is the one by the way...