What does Gods Desktop look like?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Herodotus, Mar 6, 2009.

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  1. Dull, boring and you're a cnut for not having a look around the boards and rules before posting.
  2. Just what the fuckfuckfuck has this got to do with anything military???

    Pay attention, knob, JG posts are supposed to be history.

    Is there a MOD in the house?
  3. Can't download it here. What is it?!?!
  4. OK, so I've got to move faster.
  5. Hey, can only ask. Thought I'd gauge the feeling toward light "humour". Do note the quotation marks around humour...
  6. That was shit.
  7. Ask Gordon Broon, he THINKS he is God representertive here on Earth!
  8. Thankfully I'm an atheist!
  9. Weight of fire keeps the little fuckers heads down.

    (also confirms I'm not being a twat)
  10. You're a cunt.
  11. You're also a smug, rocket-polishing waste of space.

    Read this, mong.

    Then, fuck off back to your GCSE homework and leave the NAAFI for those who know what it's for -- and for whom it exists, which ain't you.
  12. I know.
  13. http://www.starworld.ch/images/264-fuck-off-3d2_1.jpg
  14. Just have a look the next time your in the RSMs office