What does dog taste like?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BanjoBill, Nov 10, 2008.

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  1. Went to a show in Southend on Saturday night. On my way back to the hotel - via a couple of cars that seemed to have collided, then run into the crash barrier outside a local water hole - I decided to call in at a Cantonese Take Away. It was fucking revolting.

    But I was so starved after a full day traveling, followed by a fews hours work... not even a pint had passed my lips, so perhaps that makes me one of their more discerning clients.

    I got the Special Cop Suey, the usual conglomeration of bean sprouts and meats etc.

    There was this dark brown meat in there, it kinda looked like very thinly sliced venison, but it tasted like the smell of dog meat. Have any of you eaten dog? If yes, does it taste like the smell of pedigree chum?
  2. Chicken :p
  3. ...the Bounty Hunter?
  4. I've only had wild African dog which tasted a bit gamey really. It's more likely to be cat although cat meat doesn't tend to be that dark. Perhaps they'd just opened a tin of Pal, which is meat for dogs but not dog meat.
  5. Allow me to be the first to say it tastes "woof".

    I'll get me coat.
  6. Like slimy pork.
  7. like slimy pork
  8. bugger!
  9. I ate dog in Thailand. It had been soaked in chilli oil before hand and then cooked on a bbq. Texture wise, it could have been beef. Too much chilli to really taste the meat though.
  10. In a small roadside cafe in France, I saw 'filet de loupe' on the menu. I knew I recognised the word, but it did not come to me immediately. 'Loupe' is, of course, 'Wolf'. Later, discussing this, my mate informed me that they don't actually use wolf meat, they use Labradors.
  11. You'd be barking mad to eat dog.

    Coats already on, Taxi for 1!
  12. I used to eat a lot of dog but gave it up when I realised it wouldn't help me to lick my own balls.
  13. Dog meat, I'm afraid to say, tastes like whatever the proprietor wants it to taste like.

    Let me explain...
    I lived in China for 3 years and took great pride in eating every reptile, invertibrate, mammal and insect not available in the West.

    Dog was a special interest of mine. I even blogged about it entitled "The Dog Blog", but took it down after the company I was working for found out about it and thought the negative publicity brought about by dog owners inadvertantly clicking on it would bring about negative publicity, plus I thought I'd write a book about it called "For the love of good dog, a man's stomach's best friend", funnily enough it never took off.

    Anyway, to cut a long story, different regions have different tastes and the dog is prepared accordingly, eg Sichuan province has very spicy food and it is almost impossible to differentiate between dog, beef and pork (I know I've tried), Shanghai has very sickly sweet food and the meat is sweet and sour thin strips, again indistinguishable from almost anything else. Then throw in the MSG factor...

    I even wanted to go to a dog farm to have it 'fresh from the knackers yard', but was told I was being "Culturally insensitive" by my sp*nk guzzling line manager and was given a formal warning for my canine, culinary behaviour.

    All in all, if your looking for the definitive 'taste' of dog, eat your own.
  14. Getting quite peckish... crispy pekingese mutt anyone?