What does Dave really think of us?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Goldfishfart, Dec 22, 2007.

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  1. [/quote]i had the misfortune of going home fom the sand box with dave cameron prop broke and that t**t tried to get some of our blokes kicked off the replacement kite spineless cnuts[/quote]

    I would be interested to know a bit more about this, I've heard he's a bit of a nasty piece of work to his subordinates also, what is his real attitude towards us? as oposed to his "soundbite" one?
  2. No suprise if true.

    His lot would be as bad as the present cretins in the liarbore government.

    Wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him.
  3. Useful fools or tools for winning votes? I dunno, don't really think any senior politician is "on our side", since Paddy Pantsdown got his sideways promotion. Look what Cameron did to Mercer ...
  4. I assume that he didn't manage to kick the blokes off then? Also have you got a source for this?

  5. I've known Beuk [Beaukyboy] for 22 years. If he says it happened, it happened.
  6. :twisted: kunt did something like that I'd spread it round the sun :twisted:
  7. If that is true, my vote will go elsewhere.
  8. If that is true, my vote will go elsewhere.
  9. I must engage brain before releasing the lightning fast Stella powered fingers!

    Meant to add -- PM him I'm sure he'll tell you what occured.
  10. If politically it suits to throw more money at the military he will do it. I have a lot of time for Liam Fox but I have no illusions about Cameron.

    Best thing to do is work him for more dosh, accept him for what he is, vote for him if it gets Broon out of power.

    Now is the time (in opposition), to tie him down to promises for investment.

    Nuff said.
  11. I like Dave.

    It has Top Gear or Alan Partridge on most days of the week. Channel 19 on your freeview box.

    Can't fault it really.
  12. Good question.


    It depends what sort of toff he is. An old fashioned Tory who looks after the peasants on condition they touch their caps? Or an estate agent, authoritarian Conservative with a damn great chip on his shoulder who basically wants to be nasty to everyone who doesn't share his shrunken life-vision?

    I've heard that too, suggesting he's in the latter group. But he's got the Eton charm in spades: supreme self-confidence, killer instinct, born to rule, wealthy, relaxed in the limelight, tremendous spinner and dissembler (a skilled liar in other words - very similar to Blair).

    How does this equate to money for the forces? How did the services do under Heath (High Tory) as opposed to Thatcher (Purley estate agent authoritarian)? The latter tend to be more ideological so perhaps would want a stronger military to enforce their ideological vision. They also make more enemies so, again, would want rough men ready to do violence in the night on their behalf, and might be prepared to fund them properly.

    Very interesting question. Link for the broken prop incident?
  13. Nice try socialist tw*t. Get facts straigt before publishing sh*t.
  14. all politicians are shits

    (sorry, thats about it for intellectual debate tonight :p )
  15. He is just another polititian who will use any means to get what he wants and that is unfortunatly us. He shakes your hand one minute and stab's you in the back the next.