What does COWO stand for?

Came across the abbreviation COWO this morning. Its a new one on me, could anyone in the RLC world shed any light on what it stands for.


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I'm a matelot so disregard as you please but I know the BOWO (pronounced BOW BOW....?) was the Brigade Ordnance Warrant Officer - I sat opposite him for many m's on H6 and I am certain he was a RLC capbadge.


Wah shield on...........Command Ordnance Warrant Officer.

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FFS..... The COWO usually stands for little old ladies on the bus and occasionally when the National Anthem is played whilst he stacks the HQLF blankets. Other than that he is normally sat on his arrse.
If kit and facilities are being sold off / privatised, it will soon stand for CONTRACT Ordnance Warrant Officer.

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