What does CHAV stand for?



My co-workers and I were discussing chavs this morning and none of us could really decide what chav stands for.
I was thinking along the lines of: Counsel House Anti-social Vermin
Can anyone else think of what else chav could stand for?

Also any explanations of kev, ned, rude-boy, and any other nick names for our scumder-classes would also be appreciated.
It came from the word "Charver", which is used up north. Something to do with pikeys and travellers. Saw it on a programme about the growing Chav problem.


Does Charver actually mean something or is it just what the gypsy’s call themselves?
The word chav is commonly thought to be from the mid-19th century Romany words chavi, meaning "delinquent youth", "chavo", meaning child and possibly "charver", meaning prostitute. Due to a mention in The Independent it has been suggested that it comes from a nickname used for people from various towns in the UK, including Chatham and Cheltenham in conjunction with the class label Average, but this is almost certainly incorrect.

It is sometimes mockingly redefined as one of several backronyms, including "Council Housed And Violent", "Council Housed And Vile","Council House Assault & Violence" and "Council House Associated Vermin" — although there is no etymological basis for these terms, although British Police forces do use "chav" as a slang term when referring to 'them' on a regular basis.

From a google search.
Vegetius said:
It's the traveller word for "child."

And the normal people's word for scum! :D
When I was at school in the early 90s we used it to mean 'to steal' or otherwise borrow as in "Oi! He chavved my football!" Didn't hear the word for a few years until it turns up meaning hoody-wearing scum. I can see the connection between the two though.
"Charver" was used in the North West to describe Gypsies (Traveller had yet to be invented, and not all were of Romany extraction) who had settled into houses. A lot were housed in the Manchester & Liverpool areas in the 60's
By the 70's most were Irish Tinkers and the name fell out of use.
Also used at Cheltenham College (and Cheltenham Ladies) as "CHeltenham AVerage" in describing the local unwashed.
Similarly to Baghdad Brit, I have heard it refer to Chatham Average - the Sappers amongst us who have spent at Brompton Barracks will understand this.

As has been said before the common belief is Council House And Violent - similar to the old TLA of CHVs - Council House Vermin.

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