what does bst mean

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by david1996, May 15, 2012.

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  1. basically on my appointment sheet after interview 3 and before adsc it says BST what does this mean?
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  2. You know, if you Google the phrase BST it comes up with Bangladesh Standard Time or British Summer Time. Depends on which one you want to use to attend the appointment but Google really is your friend.
    Now, no more help. Pick one.
  3. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Is there a bit in the armed forces where they don't get to play with real guns?
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  4. It's a short-hand instruction that you require a severe BeaSTing prior to ADSC.
    Here, have a bee.
  5. Published by Abbey Publishing & Exhibitions (UK) Ltd Bulk Solids Today is the bi-monthly magazine covering the storage, processing and handling of materials ranging from fine powders to the heaviest raw materials. BST was launched in 1996 and is firmly established as a favourite within the industry.

    Dedicated solely to product news, information and case studies, BST offers the busy purchaser and specifier of handling, storage and processing equipment, a comprehensive reference guide to all the latest products and services in an easy to read format.

    So now you know what BST stands for & good luck!
  6. Be Spectacularly Thick?

    Beyond Simply Torpid?

    Blissfully Stupid Twat?

    The list is endless .............
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  7. That would largely depend on whether you consider the RAF to actually be part of the Armed Forces.
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  8. Bovine SomatoTrophin
  9. Possibly means Basic Skills Test mate, but all those not in the army wouldn't know that ^~
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  10. Bollocking,Shouting,Tears
  11. Its an abrreviation for bestest
  12. Batch Stock Quantity.

    Basically the amount of ammunition remaining in that batch or lot, usually referring to the level at which it is managed.
  13. Grab your iron pilgrim.