What does an Officer do for the SSC after RMAS?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by KnowNothing, Dec 21, 2008.

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  1. I am 15, and recently had a visit from my school's Army Careers Advisor. I really like the idea.

    From what my Army Careers Advisor said I think after commission you have an initial 'break-in' period to your regiment or whatever of a few months. Then there is the 6 months active tour of duty towards the end of the SSC. Then, after rounding it up, there it a few months worth of leave. So that takes up just over a year of the 3.

    My question is: what else do you do as an Officer?

    Obviously there is the constant training and the possibility of training abroad for a bit, but is that honestly all there is to it? A lot of training and drilling, then the active tour part, then it's done?

    p.s- While I've already started a thread, how fierce is the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan? Some friends have had bad experiences

    In case you were wondering, I can only see myself entering the "Combat" section of the Army, in a Light Role Infantry.

    Sorry for being so uninformed on the subject, but all I'v had is a chat with a Major and a load of booklets/propaganda.

    One final thing: The Army advertises all these activities that Officers do, as well as regular Soldiers, like going abroad, playing sports etc etc, I think this is just a hook to catch those who think it will all be fun and games, is this true?
  2. You might want to be a little more sensitive with certain aspects of your post - think "blown apart".
  3. Hmmmm.... let me see:

    Too smart for the Parachute Regiment, too graphic for the Guards Division, too honest for just about any other infantry unit, very keen on discussing people being 'blown apart' with complete strangers, about as humble and self-effacing as Margaret Thatcher, obviously very chatty and 'glass half full' so therefore unsuitable for REME and the other 'trades'.

    Deduction: you've clearly got a shining career waiting for you in the Royal Military Police.

    Exemplo Ducemus, dude.
  4. Keep reading, search this site, search other sites and then formulate some more questions. You appear to see the Army as a jolly good bit of training to have fun in after a PhD. Regardless of how long you wnt to join for, you need to see it as something more than training for life.

    Suggest you drop the range of your questions a little - at your age, Cadets, then OTC whilst at Uni - they will help you develop a more informed opinion and help with a RMAS application if you then choose that route.
  5. Edited and thanks for the replies.

    I went to cadets for a while, but I wasnt sure on it, I hope to go to the Army work experience things in the summer, the 'officer insight courses'. Will keep searching the site :wink:
  6. At the risk of seeming prejudiced, with an ACA who visits frequently and the ability to do a totally unnecessary number of alevels, I would expect your school to have a CCF. This is actually quite a good way to see if you enjoy certain aspects of army life so you should try it out for a bit longer. Just accept that it's watered down quite a lot.
  7. If you admit to knowing feck all about the Army, why so specific about what job you will do?

    ie Light Infantry role Officer?
  8. It's great that you've decided to focus on Army Officer as a career choice. But in an Officer i would look to be someone with a bit of life experience behind them before "leading" others who already have some! Go and get some A-levels and go backpacking to somewhere out of your comfort zone for a few months. Or something like that...

    Remember, "Many are called - Few are chosen".
  9. I dont know why, but I am more interested in combat arms, and I cant see myself in the army air corps, as I have no interest in it. I am not keen on the idea of the armoured and cavalry corps either. So that leaves infantry, which to me sounds exciting (although I'm sure it is all good, just not for me). Out of the infantry, the light role infantry just appeals the most.
  10. Ok, so what happens if you get accepted into a Regiment in the LR-role, only for them to be retasked into, say, a Mechanised/Armd-role... will you still be interested? And if you're so deadset on the most Soldierly of roles, why do you not enjoy the Cadets - it's the basics you need to know and that is what they do, is it not...
  11. lol, I'm sure the armoured role would be just as good as the light role infantry, I dont see what the big point you are trying to make is. It's like going to watch a movie, you think James Bond looks better than Ace Ventura or whatever, but when you get there it may be a totally different story. It's similar to that I think.

    And as for cadets, I just didnt enjoy it because of the people and the boredom of it. The first 30 minutes were spent just chatting and smoking and then the last hour and a half wasnt that great either, not great when you're always outside freezing. I'v heard that it's just a 'bad apple' as some friends go to cadets and love it so i'll just tag along to a different one.
  12. The point is You're being so specific as to the Role you want to do, you're going to have to be more flexible with the fastballs the Army tends to throw around.
    - and what the feck will you be expecting to be doing as an Infanteer. You're heading towards Wah-dom at a rate of knots...
  14. Well, you will find that Service Life will require you to do things you find boring and/or pointless, but you are still expected to just get on with it - especially as an Officer (setting an example, etc). Any local/family affiliations leading you to a particular Unit, or will it be the Nationally Recruited usual suspects? Anyway, apologies for deviating from the thread direction, good luck Fella!
  15. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    When a 15 year old potential officer asks a question in this forum, I really only want to see constructive responses, unless the question itself is so bone or offensive that there is no other response. This one wasn't.