What does an IS Eng do?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Suma, Jun 8, 2005.

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  1. Hello, I have a good idea of what a IS Eng does from reading the job description and speaking to the recruiters, but i was hoping you guys could give me a little more 'insider' detail before i join in July.

    Basically what i know now is that they are responsible for the setup and maintainance of computer networks, which i beleive entails setting up networks and going to fix them when they crash etc. Security access and configuration, basically i think this is just setting up users and their access rights. Help desk functions, manning the phones for queries like "Ive forgot my password"

    This is all i've been able to find out up to yet, its sounds like a civy street equivilant of a network admin.

    I have a couple of questions, some of which the recruiter touched on.

    Does the job involve alot of travel or is it mostly all in a workshop or an office?

    Is there more to the job than what is advertised and what the recruiters told me?

    Thanks :)
  2. Cant wait for the answer to this one. Im at a loss to see what they actually do also.
  3. PM me and I'll dig out some info - if I put too much info here then I'll be accused of plotting to take over the world / empire building as usual!

    But your assumptions are broadly right - loads of network systems admin roles (mainly windows-based but some unix/linux out there), network engineering (routers, switches etc), helpdesk support, IT security.

    There are some pretty diverse role, some very specialist ones like computer network defence - to combat hacking etc. The majority if IS Engineers who come "straight out of the factory" i.e basic training, will go to a field unit and either be involved in an IS Troop or IS detachment providing some form of IT equipment to a military Headquarters.

    Let me know your areas of particular interest and I'll tell you whether you're barking up the right tree!

  4. thanks, i'l send u a PM tonight. Chrz
  5. Open your eyes and you'll see.

    Anything IT related there is an IS Engr somewhere, whether it be old systems still in use like ATacCS or assisting the civvies with new systems like DII, IS Engrs are everywhere getting involved in all sorts of things.

    I don't think anyone can put the job down in a few sentences as every single post for an IS Engr is different with all the different systems in use today.
  6. is there anyone out there who i currently an IS Eng at 3 (UK) Div in Bulford? i've got my first posting there, just hoping for a heads up??

  7. All I'll say is your new Supvr IS is an absolutely outstanding bloke. You're going to be using ATacCS quite a lot though, but that's entirely incidental.

  8. Hey PD have you been able to pull out that info yet m8?
  9. PD,

    Your right, but I like to think of ATacCS as more accidental, insubstantial, incomprehensible and utterly impenetrable. Oh, and its bollox!!!!

    As for the 'Q' though, don't we all love JB, the king of filth is happy corrupting young IS Engr's and confusing everyone else with random statements!!:lol:
  10. Left 3 Div last year and yes the IS Supvr is a quality geezer. The team thats there are a good bunch of lads and lassies. Yes you mainly use ATacCS and mend personal white fleet when you get time, however I believe they are getting JOCS this year also.
    Your part of TM troop so be prepared to work with Techs. When I was there they were an okay bunch however.
    You'll enjoy it. If your single the accomodation is shite, and don't expect much to happen at weekends as the camp becomes deserted.
  11. Right, its taken years and more than alot of sweat and agro to get the Q mentioned above to realise his status in life. Carrying him through his IS Foundation was one of the challenges, but here we are and he's settled into a job, and by all accounts doing it well.

    One of the major challenges has been keeping his ego in check. Once convinced that he couldnt have it any bigger than his belly, he seemed to calm down. And here you lot are calling him all the gods under the sun.

    We'll never hear the end of it, He'll lap it up.

    Will we ever learn,

  12. I didn't say he was good at his job. LOL. I just said he was a decent chappy. Good to go out drinking with.
  13. How can you doubt the great Mr B. It is unfair to point out the size of his belly. Judge a man only by the size of his intellect and head of hair (one out of two is not bad).
    Besides I hear he a E learning God, (I saw his presentation).
  14. JB gets my vote any day. He's nearly as good as me.
  15. What does an IS Eng do? Hmmm fecking good question :)