What does a typical ACSC Student do with their time!?

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by Yorkie, Jun 11, 2005.

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  1. Just spent last 12 months at Shrivenham - all my neighbours are ACSC students - and they never seem to go to college?! Does the course involve attendance or is it just a few weeks work spread over two years?!

  2. Just wait for the single component phase. Then revisit your post.
  3. RS,

    I think you'll find the single service phase has been axed (incorporated into ICSC), hence the large ammount of Private Study!

  4. Incorrect Pension bloke,

    ACSC 8 (about to finish next month) and 9 (to begin in September this year) is still the old system and is nothing to do with ICSC(L). Try asking those on it, particularly during the single service phase how much loafing they do!
  5. Alfanape,

    Thanks for the correction. When I was on ACSC (5) Single Service Phase was the busiest time - if you wore green. Admittedly the blue hues had it fairly easy and seemed to get their DRPS done. I found that the other phases were the ones where I spent a lot of time mowing the lawn or babysitting!

  6. I can confirm that my chums on ACSC 9 right now seem to be fairly busy of late!