What does a REME platoon commander actually do?

Discussion in 'REME' started by thegiantorange, Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. They normally sit in their office drinking brews, and fcuking up the soldiers careers below them with poor admin.

    Edited to add: They don't learn a trade.
  2. Bah! Beaten to it :D
  3. It depends on you, the regt/wksp, and other factors. But eventually you'll be tied to a desk.
  4. Depends where you go - A diverse bunch, worked with a few gleaming ruperts and rupertettes and some complete utter nosh bags.

    As to what they do - tis a mystery. A lot of the good ones I've worked with spent their time digging people like me out of the shoite, some of the really good ones have spent their time digging people like me and themselves out of trouble. (The bad one's just spent their time showing the Police where my room was - the evil sods!) :lol:

    thegiantorange PM sent.
  5. You'd just be asked (read - told) to resign your commission.

    Digging holes....anywhere, and whatever the weather has never been seen as "good stuff"....trust me on that one.
  6. Orange, I had a great time because REME soldiers were/are the best and it was a priv to command them. Not sure if the recruiting staff do visits but if interested you could try giving them a call.
  7. And do remember when you are using the lads as your personal SAS detachment not to complain because they could not make it to the next checkpoint in time, afterall it only took you 30 minutes to drive there so why can't they walk it in that time?
  8. As far as I remember a newly commissioned REME Officer is likely to spend a period attached to a Light Aid Detachment to learn the ropes. The Officer in Command of such a Detachment is called the EME (pronounced "Eemy") so the YO is known as the Eemlet.

    Hope that's of some help!
  9. thegiantorange - in my time in REME I could never quite work out what a REME officer did. A UK based Infantry LAD didn't have an officer and was run by a tiffy and even bigger LADs (with an officer) were run by the ASM and section SNCOs. In fact, when I deployed with the regiment, the EME stayed in UK (I never quite worked that out).

    What the EME is supposed to do is stand between the LAD and the parent unit fielding the (sometimes unreasonable) demands on the REME and telling the Regiment that (basically) the impossible gets done straight away, miracles take a bit longer and, yes, you can have REME doing duties or you can have your equipment fixed - you can't have both at the same time!

    What you are not there for is to roll up your sleeves and crawl under a wagon to repair it - you have tradesmen to do that for you. If you want to work on equipment as an officer, join the Navy - preferably the Submarine Branch.

    That said, I was in one (unnamed) gunner regiment where the EME and AQMS were called into the Colonels office one day. The EME was told to watch his step or he wouldn't get any further and the AQMS was told 'get off my camp and never return' and he was gone the same day.
  10. Oh dear - maybe you should get off your arse and visit a few units to find out what officers do?

    When have you ever had to admin anyone other than yourself?

    Your later comment about 'punching a CO' seems indicative of someone who is either extremely immature or extremely stupid; in either case perhaps you should reconsider your career choice? I'm envisaging you in a little paper hat and wearing a badge with 5 gold stars somewhere in the service industry.
  11. REME=Royal Engineers Made Easy!
  12. muhandis89 - you are mixing your metaphors. It is either 'Rough Engineering Made Easy' or 'Royal Engineers Minus Education' (or alternatively 'Ruin Everything Mechanical Eventually').
  13. No - Rough Engineering Made Easy

    Edited - Dammit beaten as I typed -dunno 'bout lackin edukashun tho, sum of us hav o-levels :lol:
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Now I am curious. No names required of course!