What does a pets name say about the owner.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Enlightenment, Oct 11, 2008.

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  1. You should be allowed to own a dog called Asbo, but only if it is a miniature poodle.

    Otherwise you have a choice, dog or children.

    Here Puppy.

    No point to this, but wouldn't a proper dog license be a good idea. One that cost money and had to be reviewed by a third party.

    This is one of the more obvious: a chihuahua called "Foo-Foo" probably says something as well, possibly about being good with colours.

    Choc lab called "Ned" - clearly a rupert of some sort.

    Any others been noticed?
  2. I read the headline of that report and thought for one glorious moment that someone had taken out our very own 'devil dog'. You Sir have ruined my weekend.
  3. [​IMG][/URL][/img]
  4. They put enough rounds into the thing. Was it a Brazilian breed by any chance?
  5. 5 shots ffs. It must have been Cressida in charge of the shoot
  6. Talking of which, Jarrod has a miniature poodle called Spermy Gargler.
  7. 5 shots ffs. It must have been Cressida in charge of the shoot
  8. Yes, you said.
  9. Been discussed here as well as the point about dog licenses which most responsible dog owners agree with:


    But as this is the NAAFI ... yet another fine dog enticed to it's death by a savage child. When are these dog worrying feral toddlers going to be dealt with and taken off the streets. Until such action happens, family pets like ASBO and Satan will continue to be the victims of these heartless attacks.

    BTW, my SBTs are called Bonnie & Clyde (aka 'That Bitch' and 'Tw@t') so what does that say about me?
  10. I've got a cat called 'multiple orgasms guaranteed'.
  11. Mog for short? That's some pu$$y :D
  12. The current fashion is to give your dog a middle name.

    Mine has been called Miliband - he's young, tall, handsome and not very bright.
  13. I got a dog called stay, when I shout 'stay' she comes.
    Problem though;
    When I shout 'stay come', she stays.
    Although sometimes she comes.
    I tried changing her name to come, but it got quite confusing.

  14. Bit odd that, getting dog to come when you call its name, should be on eurotrash with that trick really!!!!

    Pets and names are different nowadays, didnt the dambusters have none PC dog? think about it....
  15. my cats called Kookingfat

    think that means im a cnut!