What does a Communication Specialist typically get up to?

This role is tied with the Driver role - I understand that I'll get all my driving licenses etc. However, my ACIO Officer didn't seem to understand my question or couldn't give a good enough answer.
During AND after Phase 2 training - what will I be doing on a day in day out basis? I can't find any information on this at all, what I found in these forums already is brief and nobody seems to have asked any question like this on a search engine.
My application process is at the medical stage at the moment - waiting for forms to be sent from my GP to the ACIO - I can't wait to get to ADSC!
It would just be nice to know a bit more about the overall job, an answer from someone actually in this current role would be sound.
As a sprog you'll be making brews, pushing a broom around the garages and cleaning things.
You will be duty dogsbody, maintaining a fleet of landrovers, doing the naafi run, more maint, maybe some lessons, then you will go on exercise, be someones driver, put up tents & cam nets, stag on the radios, take it all down, move, set up, take down, and repeat for up to 6 wks depending on the ex. Then you will go on tour, provide vital comms for ops whether that is in an ops room or out on a convoy, it can be a great job, or a rubbish one, it all depends on your unit, and more importantly the hierarchy in your troop/ Sqn


You will count lots of BOWMAN kit in preperation for LSI, BOO, COs Rounds....................the list goes on!


As a Rad Op you will at some point tell your boss "Er no sir, I'm not here to speak on BOWMAN, that is for you as a Staff User to do, I'm just here to maintain the system". This sentence will be followed by you running around to location carrying a large item of BOWMAN equipment above your head. However, BOS is right. Rad Ops spend most of their time trying to find the BOWMAN kit that they were too idle to account for in the first place.
All of above - but mostly making the tea.

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