What do you wish for the AMS for the New Year?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by dui-lai, Dec 27, 2004.

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  1. Demise of the Grey Mafia?

  2. Death of the Grey Mafia?

  3. Extermination of the Grey Mafia?

  4. Denial of the grey Mafias existence?

  5. I am grey Mafia but hate myself for it!

  6. Resistance is futile!!!!!! You will become Grey!

  1. I for one would like to see:

    1) The Grey Mafia being curbed
    2) An idea to try and retain AMS personnel
    3) Small cadres being listened to and treated as professionals
    4) The heirarchy noticing that Agenda for Change is being implemeted now, not in 4 years time
    5) A plan for the CMT

    Wishful thinking :roll:

    Any more :wink:
  2. The AMS being run for all professional groups not just doctors.
    An end to the MDHU system.
    The Proper formation of an Army medical Service as a single entity not 3 seperate corps.(?? with grey beret)
    The introduction of proper recognised qualifications for CMT's.
    The realisation that health care costs money and the AMS needs investment.
    The RAF being replaced in all command slots in medical establishments.
    HQ AMS taking over the Cambridge site and saving the hospital buildings as HQ. Sodexho being Booted out of the CMH site.
    FAS being the rebirth of the AMS as properly equipped/manned forces
  3. An end to the MDHU system - the military should manage the hospitals with the NHS as support
    An end to commissioning of all TA nurses - it's meaningless, expensive and creates resentment
    TA Fd Hosps to have professional regular management
    An end to the capbadge rivalry within AMS that has amused and mystified me for years
    QAs to stop criticising the RAF until they have put their own house in order :lol:
    Better selection criteria for CMTs, then recognised qualifications
    The AMS being run for the benefit of all its staff and patients, not just doctors and nurses
    Proper funding of all military health needs
    An end to futile inter-Service bickering, together with recognition that some things can be done jointly whilst others are best done on single-service basis
    A robust leadership that will inspire others and make them proud to be part of DMS
  4. Some people just have to kick the arse out of it don't they? :lol: :lol:
  5. Sorry, should have read:

    [irony]A robust leadership that will inspire others and make them proud to be part of DMS [/irony]

  6. The main sticking point for this - is - Jobs for the Boys/Girls - it would reduce promotion for the OF's thus reducing their ability to earn more !

    A fully integrated DMS IS the only way forward. :roll: IMHO

    OH it should be FOUR Corps - RAMC QARANC RADC + RAVC :p
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    1. Jobs for life
    2. A new capbadge
    3. A new BMH somewhere hot, oh we already have one in Iraq.
    4. Bring back the AMF/L
    5. Communism in Russia to return to revamp BAOR with the Armd Divs!
    6. BRIXMIS
    7. BMH Berlin
    8. Someone to sort out the CMT cadre- for the better.
  8. it is comming unfortunatley. The problem I found as and RMA who was a qualified nurse was TA CMT sgts who had done all their courses 10 years before had no recent experience in patient care and were using their rank to hide their lack of knowledge and to order dangerous care that as a nurse i disagreeded with and as a corporal i was being threatend with disciplinary action unless i did as i was told. Unfortunatley if the corporal nurse is comming into the TA the SGTs Mess will need purged and placed under much tighter control.
  9. GP3 I do agree about the integrated AMS but the RAVC is slightly different its Vets and nurses are non combatant as clinicians but its dog handlers are combatant's. It also deals with animals not human beings and is therefore IMHO special and should be recognised as such and allowed to maintain its independence.
  10. Virobono I agree the AMS should be more selective about its selection of officers from direct entry and it should cease to be a dumping ground for YO's no one else wants. Its selection of LE officers should also tighten up and more RAMC and QARANC LE should be picked up for LE comissions and again not just LE's who no one else wants.
    I would also sugest allowing QA's and other PQO's to be allowed to follow MSO career lines if they wish.
    As to nurses and comissions I firmly believe the current system sucks with QA trained JNCO nurse being at a disadvantage when it comes to comission yet having a 2Lt comming in who is newly qualified. I am a firm beliver in the most experienced nurse should be nurse in charge and belive that I have the professionalism to take direction from a Corporal who has more clinical experience than me but this is herasey in the QARANC. I would like to see all nurses in the armed forces comissioned as when it comes to working with other professionals the rank thing can give advantages and lead to better patient care. Cpl Nurses are comming into the TA which is a bad thing but then many PQO's in TA units are treated like junior ranks with pips. Many TA senior NCO's like this arrangement as it allows them to exert more influence in the running of a unit than they should.
    With the new comission process IE TA PQO's having to do the 4 week Sandhurst phase I hope it will mean that they won't tolerate this any further. Discussion at a recent IOC(V) has highlighted this and hopefully someone will start gripping this and 1 provide proper officer training from inital entry through EOC 2 allowing us to have the same priviliges and responsibilities as other comissioned officers.
  11. Worst thing the QAs did was ditch the LE commission slot :roll:

    You will now see the old'n'bold with vast experience leaving, can you blame them? they have gained the experience from the bottom and shown they have the aptitude for commission. Why make them do an RCB when MSO etc still offer LE?

    Still will we see a combined AMS? Or even a combined DMS? 8O

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :cry: :cry:

    No, too many empires to bring down first :roll:
  12. Sad to see that these kinds of personnel issues are still with us. Not my line of work, but I do know an ex-Reg QA SRN who quixotically refused a commission in her day because of unfairness on male nurses. (Straight to Capt when she joined QARANC TA, top nurse by the way, senior job now in NHS.) OK the male nurse issue one has in theory been resolved, altho if LE slots have been done away with :( I would not be surprised if more males are affected than females.

    On TA QARANC being automatically commissioned, 'thinking out of the box' you could promote them to SNCO right away (to give them the pay) but appoint them initially as Officer Cadets (and thus offrs mess members) until proved up to standard.
  13. I think the TA are looking at the "commission" all nurses issue and will be bringing in TA JNCO/SNCO nurses, and not before time too.

    But at present there are too many useless TA scrots who hold a queens commission and shouldn't even be wearing a uniform :evil:
  14. Point taken but just to add flavour:

    Vets = 7 Years Training
    Doctor = 5/6 Years Training - Failed vet :twisted:
    Dentist = 4/5 Years Training - Failed Vet and Doctor :twisted:

    Nurse = God
    PCD = Demi God & can Manage
    CMT = Goa'uld = Jaffa oh mighty one :twisted:
  15. GP3, enlighten me again on PCD :?