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What do you want to see on the forum?

A big gaggle (a stab? a massacre?) of ATs having a good bleat/gossip/chinwag would be excellent sport!
Some dopey Rods turning up, typing something bone and getting filleted ocassionally would be good for a chuckle, too.


Damn, Melchers, you're to be commended! How'd you manage to do that so quickly!?
What do you want to see on the forum?
Some interesting threads would be nice; taking the debate away from the usual sh!te. If the people who stayed on the peripherals contributed instead of just reading, and the regular contributors started up threads then the board would be far more vibrant.
I want to see loads of whinging and whining and useless people getting slated (no names of course) and juicy gossip!!!!!!
Thats why I signed up for this web site and as of yet it aint happened.

I also want to know if I am the only soldier (loose term!!) whos totally peeved of with the system, who cant see the light at the end of the tunnel and wants a better life and job satisfaction, if no-one else feels like me i'll just f**k off and shut up.

can you change the RLC forums descriptor to something different from "Manned by people who got excited when they saw the video of DROPS in action. What more can I say?".

There's about 3 trog contributors for whom this true, but not the rest of us. I will give it some more thought and come back with my suggestion, unless you or anybody else has got any better ideas.

more people getting involved in the chats, whats the point of joining if you're never going to have your say??? Cancel memberships if they stay inactive too long!!
What about a where are they now type list? :idea:

Could be similar to the back page of the the Spunkstainer, but up to date and relevant rather than at time of posting order. Wouldn't really compromise anyone or security and might even be useful.......Oh that's where it will fall down :wink: !

Maybe a Regt review :idea: where you can post your comments on Regts :? , postings areas :) or reminicences of stamping grouds of old :D (not just slagging off the Regt, but useful things like "avoid that bar it's full of cnuts or was in 1834 :cry: ")

My, I'm up beat and helpful today - oh yeah, I'm on leave!

More smilies :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :x

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