What do you want from the U.S.?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Lower_Jumper, Aug 1, 2011.

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  1. I'm shipping a friend a rifle magazine. What could I include to make it more enjoyable?

  2. No rifle in that pic. Where are the gun pics!!
  3. A listing of gun Shows in the Locality?
  4. The current copy of Shotgun News?
  5. A couple of dead rabbits and a pheasant shot last month.I feel sure the gesture would be appreciated.
  6. A Confederate flag.
  7. The Belgian made "British Bulldog" revolver used to assasinate president Garfield and since stolen from the Smithsonian museum!

    I just think it would fit nicely into my collection.
  8. The ears of a victim from one of this month's spree killings?
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  9. You could send him a green light, so he knows you know what one is.
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  10. Hilary Rhoda;

  11. she does not have a gun either!!

    You will not convince me she has one hidden
  12. Must I search her? Oh, all right...(sighs heavily)
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  13. An invoice for back taxes.
  14. The knife that was taken off me at the mexican border in 1998
  15. Gun Porn: Ask and you shall receive: ;-)

    All of these items are available at the FT Knox, PX. It's good to be an American with a strong 2nd Amendment lobby. :p

    Oh and as a treat, here's a Confederate Flag which flies lawfully from the President Jefferson Davis Birthplace Shrine in Fairview, KY. I've found my President. ;-)

    Gun Porn resized 1.jpg
    Gun Porn resized 2.jpg Gun Porn resized 3.jpg Gun Porn resized 4.jpg

    President Jefferson Davis oil painting Resized.jpg
    Stainless Banner at President Davis Shrine Resized.jpg