What do you want from the U.S.?

No rifle in that pic. Where are the gun pics!!
The Belgian made "British Bulldog" revolver used to assasinate president Garfield and since stolen from the Smithsonian museum!

I just think it would fit nicely into my collection.
The ears of a victim from one of this month's spree killings?
she does not have a gun either!!

You will not convince me she has one hidden
An invoice for back taxes.
The knife that was taken off me at the mexican border in 1998
Gun Porn: Ask and you shall receive: ;-)

All of these items are available at the FT Knox, PX. It's good to be an American with a strong 2nd Amendment lobby. :p

Oh and as a treat, here's a Confederate Flag which flies lawfully from the President Jefferson Davis Birthplace Shrine in Fairview, KY. I've found my President. ;-)

Gun Porn resized 1.jpg
Gun Porn resized 2.jpg Gun Porn resized 3.jpg Gun Porn resized 4.jpg

President Jefferson Davis oil painting Resized.jpg
Stainless Banner at President Davis Shrine Resized.jpg
tickets to a titty bar in Washington DC for next week, please

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