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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by michaelshane06, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. will i be accepted for the army if i have been cautioned?
  2. What did you get cautioned for?
  3. :oops: fell and put my hand through a window when i was pissed.
  4. I would have thought so
  5. Do you mean you got pissed and punched a window? Then got cautioned for criminal damage?
    Ive never heard of a criminal offence called, putting a hand through a window when pissed? Unless its new under PACE Act 1984.

    Be honest with the Careers office because they will find out anyway.Better not to waste eveyones time. Im sure the Army allow for minor criminal records, seeing as the Police do.
  6. Its only a caution, it means nothing, all you got was a slap on the wrist or verbal warning if you like!!!
    You get a caution when you get a producer for your car, don't worry about it.
  7. Cautions should be no issue as I know of several indivudals through my time who were in that position.

    Providing it wasn't for a serious criminal offence such as paedophilia or some such be honest and declare it, it will be fine.
  8. hi yes that is what i ment i just didnt want to come across as if i take pleasure in doing this like some chav c*nt.
  9. A caution is nothing. we have blokes serving who have been in young offenders institutions. The army realise young people make mistakes.
  10. Acutally, cautions are noted on your criminal record...

    Seems few people realise that when accepting them - its basically pleading guilty to the offence in the relative context.

    What you say happened there should not be a drama with regard the Armed Services, but beleive it or not a few guys have had security industry licenses refused on account of cautions for minor infractions..!

    Not pertinant to you in this case, but something worth noting to those who think they are a straightforward slap on the wrist/verbal warning.
  11. yes that is correct, even a caution means the police will take fingerprints and put you on their police national database. It will never be removed but it shouldnt be a problem. In some jobs you would have to declare it even in many years time. But even the rmps can put you on it, as ive found out in the past.basically now, even crimes committed abroad, the home office want recorded. But bear in mind, there are many guys who have been to mctc, who are still serving.
  12. Can't see a problem with that, its hardly worth worring about, you'll end up doing worse once your in. Worth telling them tho then they'll know your up-front with them.

    Some of the guys from Bad Lads Army get in and look what they got up to.

    Good luck.