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What do you think?



Not quite sure what exactly Red850 hoped to achieve with this Machiavellian post.

He obviously is after some sort of vocarious thrill at anothers misfortune, I have been released from Prison by the Lord Chief Justice. And, as those of you who know me will testify I aint gonna sit around watching Trisha and claiming Jobseekers allowance. So Red, whats your point? I am trying to find a JOb using all available tools at my disposal.

If anyone wants to know the real story PM me. Remember everything is not what it seems!!


Without getting into a P1$$1ng match with you RockDJ, you are absolutely correct, they did hear all the facts which is why I am out!!
My point Ginge was that its a bit rich to mock the MOD when as a result of their actions your appeal judge let you out of prison.

Unlike a lot of ARRSE readers I know what you were charged and found guilty of (although not explicitly I grant you) and read your thread without the sympathetic ear that others are likely to give you.

I am not taking a side here but merely suggesting there is a better means to an end. Maybe it would be better to admit defeat on this one, hands up and lets move on?
I have to say I wouldn't of had the b*llocks to come back on here if I'd done what you did.

A personal opinion only, but they should have chopped yours off.
I have decided to edit my last entry following pm from Ginge!! Well all except my last sentence!

Finally your use of the following word "Machiavellian" I would have thought that fits your persona far greater than mine!

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