what do you think would be better for me?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by monkey_hanger, Mar 19, 2009.

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  1. im not sure where i should try and go, harrogate or pirbright.

    im 16 (17 in january) Live in hartlepool, which is only an hour away from harrogate, so thats where ive always thought i would try and go, but now im not so sure. My 3 job choices are all to do with the royal signals, im predicted B's for my GCSE'S and i got 82 in the barb, all comments welcome
  2. Go to Pirbright - get bored at the weekend ( if you get one ) and wish you had the time to get home

    Harrogate - go home , wish you'd stayed with the lads.

    I did my training miles away from home and never regretted it. Its a new experience, embrace it.
  3. i noticed pirbrights 14 weeks where as harrogate is 42 though, i really need to make a choice.
  4. Don't think that joining the Army means you can stay near home. If you are one of those blokes who treats it as a job and goes home every weekend, you'll not get half of what you could out of the Army. Forget about living at home and start the rest of your life. FFS - it isn't like Hartlepool has anything going for it either!
  5. tbh mate go pirbright, get it over and done with. then go blandford phase 2 x
  6. I dont want to live nere home, i hate it here, the only think ill miss is watching the lads on a saturday (football no gay jokes). I didnt want it to come across as if i was using the distance for a possitive, just thought id mention it. Its just b ecause of that ive always known what it was, as i went on a school trip there once when thease army blokes came in.
  7. You might not get into Harrogate. So problem solved, it's a long slog 42 weeks, could you hack it!!!
  8. Having been out a few years now, ex rtg, I always found that the lads from Harrogate had a better edge on the trade skills, as opposed to their oppos that came out of the Catterick factory-
    No idea how long is spent at phase two compared to Harrogate, just found that the lads seemed to have a better handle on things.
    could be talking out of my Arrse though, changed days and all that.
  9. what makes you say that 1down5togo do you think ive left it to long?
  10. It's how places left for the trade you have choosen. Have you done your other tests yet? medical? pre selection Interviews? all takes time. My son is there at the moment. He didn't know he had a place until June. process started in January Barb etc.
  11. done my barb and my doctor said he will send my medical next week, hoping ive done it all early enough.
  12. Medical form takes about 4 weeks, as long as that is clear you should be fine. You have to watch your dates in May and June for selection as you will have exams. My son ended going with the seniors for selection not juniors because of his GCSE. He did really well and he said a lot of the older ones were unfit and 2 couldn't even speak English properly. Good Luck
  13. thanks for the info, i hope everything goes ok