What do you think the army will be like in say 10 years time

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 5.56mm, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. what will change in the army in the next 10 years. will traditions go down the pan or will they be kept. What will the army keep and what will they scrap?
  2. Look to Belgium. Long hair earings, the BAFF will in fact be a trade union, no weekend work, VEng will ensure we are the same age as our RAF counterparts etc etc

    Failing that all will be done by robots controlled from arcades take yr choice.................
  3. Smaller.
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  4. Probably like this.....................


    At least the General Staff will be
  5. Anything that goes 'bang' will be replaced by non lethal tazers

    Full union rights will be put into place. All orders given by NCOs and Officers will be subject to negotiation. (I gather this is happening already).

    Full diversification will come into effect. No discrimination will be allowed on grounds of age, gender, physical strength or ability..

    Disabled will serve in infantry sections - positive discrimination given to those in wheel chairs.

    Regimental Colours will be replaced by white flags.

    The defence budget will be slashed by 99%.

  6. What Army?
  7. What do you mean - "Will be"? Already are!
  8. They will probaly bin the Army altogether and we will go back to the old tradition of raising militia troops in the event of an emergency -either that or conscription will have started and we find our self fighting in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, North Korea and China -all part of the Legacy of our Great Leader Tony Bliar.

  9. What were the age upper age limits on conscription during the last war? Was the limit extended for those with specialist skills like doctors and engineers?
  10. 45 i think, although Doctors etc can get taken older. I think the older guys were used solely in the UK (although one of the Great War cemetries in Calais has Pte soldiers in the Inf who were in their mid-forties)

  11. Looks like my entire Squadron on parade, with the SSM in the middle for some reason.

    Below you see the 2ic relaxing in his office,
  12. There will be 4 Infantry Regiments those being:

    Royal Regiment of Scotland
    Royal Regiment of England
    Royal Regiment of Wales
    Royal Regiment 'Over the Water'

    and after comments i would also add

    Royal Regiment of Guards :wink:
    Parachute Regiment
  13. These won't be deployable without serious some TA augmentees, say 95% of the total unit strength . This will leave problems with handing a tour over to another unit as all the deployable troops will already be in theatre.
  14. The "militia" concept is actually quite viable. But I would envisage it depending upon a much expanded PMC sector than on an armed citizenry. Which is never going to happen in the UK, rifles can point in many directions. I could seriously imagine a small regular cadre, (probably based around the household division and whoever is running the national deterent) augmented by an expanded reserve and when deployments are required by hiring in specialists and equipment for the duration. As conflicts become les about nationalism and imperialism and more about control of resources issues of national loyalty etc. Become less relevant.
  15. Silly boy - you forgot the Household Division; they'll still be intact.